Coupon, Schmoupons...

Okay so since I'm broke every week....

I've been couponing... like extreme couponing.

Thank you to Southern Savers, Marcie Sherman, Mom's By Heart, Savvy Spending with Meghan, The Frugal Girls, Baby Good Buys, Coupon Geek, Common Sense with Money, and Money Saving Mom blogs!!!! It's all your doing that I am going to save so much on my future grocery bills!!

Yesterday I bought a Denton newspaper, and 2 packs of Noxema razors and only spent $2.49 out of pocket. I went to Walgreens and got the B1G1 Noxema Razors (retail: $5.49), and I used 2 - $2 off 1 Noxema Razors found on the Southern Savers blog :)


I can't wait to save more, and I made a coupon box too it's great!

Two As!!!!

Yay I pulled through the semester with all A's, how fabulous!!!!

I'm so glad that it's finally summer, and I look forward to playing outside with Harper, going swimming, taking nightly walks, grilling out, fixing up the house a bit, refinishing some furniture, scrapbooking, watching movies and getting lots of reading in!!!

Yay, yay, yay!!!

The semester is almost over...

I am just so glad that the semester is almost over.

I have a take home final in aging, and I have a final on Monday in sexuality.

I jacked up my knee pretty bad last night, but I don't want to go to the doctor and pay a copay, etc. We're broke, end of story.

Harper isn't feeling too hot either. She was running a fever yesterday, and I'd just taken her to the doctor on Wednesday because she has a rash that covers her whole body. She is just not feeling well or acting like her fun self, poor baby.

This weekend the agenda includes studying for my finals, my brother's bday, and attending a memorial service for my Grandpa's mother.

I just hope that this weekend is kind of relaxing despite our issues, and that finals go smoothly.