So glad that it's Friday...

What a weird and crazy week this has been!

I haven't updated in such a long time, and I'm sad about this. I have been so busy, and I can only imagine how much more busy I will be when classes begin on the 23rd (NCTC) and the 26th (UNT).

First and foremost for those of you who follow me on FB, I am feeling much better today than I've been feeling this week. Yesterday I finally visited with my doctor about some pain I've been having in my upper abdomen, and she ordered and ultrasound for the afternoon. This morning I received the results of my ultrasound and I do have gall stones in my Gall Bladder, so I will likely have it removed before the end of the month. Eep!!

I'm not nervous or scared about his procedure, and I look at this as a blessing to get me started on a much healthier future for me and my family. We are definitely going to look at changing our diet habits because I don't want Harper suffering like I've been when she becomes a young mother one day.

Harper is growing up so fast. She is moving up to the toddler room 3 months earlier than scheduled. Her toddler teachers have been singing her praises, telling us how developmentally ahead of the game she is compared to her friends who are 15 & 18 months old. Harper is 15 months. She talks, plays house, plays dress up, colors, runs, walks, climbs, reads book (well looks at books), pushes her chair in and out, climbs into her chair, climbs on play equipment, goes down slides, and she is just so active. She is just flrouishing and thriving, and I'm thankful that her teachers are so concerned to have her move up quickly so that she can do imaginary play and art with other schoolmates on her level.

More later have to go to lunch!!

Also is Mega Swagbucks Day, and my last post is all about this... make sure you search today for some free swag!!