{some of my favorite things}

Well it's been 10 days since my last share...

Sounds like I suffer from an addiction of sorts, doesn't it?  Haha, well I am addicted to papercrafting, so I guess you could call me an addict.

Today I just wanted to share with you folks some of the online scrappy places that I frequent the most when I'm online.  Whether it's for scrappy chit-chat, inspiration, current events, new trends, or just to browse all the loveliness that the internet has to offer all of us scrap-addicts, these are the online sites that I'm most present on, and I'll give you some info on each of why I like them sooooo much!!

1. Two Peas In a Bucket
This is one of my favorite places to frequent online as I love participating in their forums, especially the 'general scrappin' and 'for sale or trade' sections.  I really meet the nicest ladies, and I find out a lot of current events from visiting these boards.  Also, I find lots of great deals on items that I'm interested in buying, and I sell a few things here and there as well!  Two Peas also has a store, which I order from time to time.  They offer free shipping with a minimum purchase of $50 which isn't bad.  Host loads of contests for free stuff, and they always have what I am looking for... I don't shop here too often honestly because I hate paying retail for anything, but if I come across something that I CAN'T find at an LSS or cheaper elsewhere online, then I will consider buying from Two Peas.

2. My Scraps and More
I just found this site from a lady on the forums at Two Peas, and I absolutely love it.  She has a great little online store. Some of her product comes into the store before Two Peas has it.  She had October Afternoon Cakewalk, practically before anyone else did, so I ordered some of course. Shipping is free with a minimum order of $25, and she just had a sale that was 40% your entire cart (including sale items).  I just scored a boatload of stuff for under $30.  I mean a BOATLOAD.  I am so glad that I found her site. I follow them on FB as well, and I like their little blog and challenges.

3. Studio Calico
So I am not what you would call a subber (kit club subscriber) because I am kind of a commitment phobe, but I REALLY love to look and browse the Studio Calico website, especially their galleries from the Design Team and Members.  I love ogling all the new kits they come out with each month, but I just can't take the plunge.  I personally can't bring myself to pay $35 for a kit no matter how exclusive some of the parts may be and then pay nearly $38 some some of the add ons each, per month, plus shipping.  Just seems expensive, but I admire those who do, and when I get lucky from time to time and someone has a kit that they purchased but didn't love... I let them share the love with me for cheaper than retail :) - I typically find these on the For Sale or Trade board on Two Peas.

4. Scrap Freak
To me, this is the original forum and store that started it all for me.  Monica was my LSS when she lived in Highland Village, and now she is located in Colorado.  When I first started scrapping, her store, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Joann's were the only places that I purchased scrap stuff.  I wish she still had a store online because I would frequent it just to keep her in business.  I am a loyal customer, what can I say?  Well nowadays she hosts the scrapfreak forum online.  I don't log in as much as I would like, but I still lurk, read, pin from the gallery, and attempt to participate from time to time.  I love all the ladies on here and a lot of them are from North Texas.  It's nice to know fellow scrappers around you!

5. Scraptastic Club
This is another kit club online that I lurk.  I particpate on the boards.  It is a new up and coming forum, so there isn't a ton of traffic, but it's getting there.  Jessica the owner, offers 2 kits, 2 add ons, and 1 stamp set each month.  It is a really stellar deal for a kit, but I haven't take the plunge just yet.  Like I said... kind of a commitment phobe.  However, you don't have to be a monthly subscriber to get her kits, and they are still REALLY inexpensive and have great shipping prices, like $5 or $6 I think. CHEAP.  She has all the new product too. I'm really, REALLY looking forward to the next kit and deciding whether or not to buy... we shall see.  I also really love the blog and challenges that she posts. I feel very inspired here.

6. Pinterest
Now unless you live under a rock, then you know that Pinterest is a place of inspiration for EVERYONE and their mom, husband, boyfriend, coworker, and dog...  It is just such an inspiring place. I have tons of boards that I pin to, but the one that I absolutely pin to the most is... Scraplift.  This is my own personal board online where I post layouts, kits, and general inspiration to get to scrapping.  I post new stuff daily on there, and I think I'm currently up to 474 pins. I think I'll break 500 sometime next week. I follow several other scrappy pinboards online, and you can even search them like '2 page layout,' 'studio calico,' etc, but when I find something that I want to lift or getcreative with... I simply Pin It

That's all for now, I'm having contractions, but NOT having this baby right now.  I took yesterday off from work thinking that I might go into full on active labor. My surges came every 7 minutes for hours, so I walked to bring them on, and then... nothing.  They were more like 10-15 minutes apart when I finally went to sleep yesterday night.  Did I cry about it... yes?!  I'm not going to lie... I am ready to have this baby out.  I know that next week I'll be singing another tune (unless he's still cookin') but I'm just stinking ready to snuggle my little pup and get back to my skinny-er jeans.

Thanks for checkin' me out!!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{more more more}

Hello all,

Gavin, Harper, Josie, and I are all getting established at our new abode.  It is quite large, and there is plenty to do around the house, but I was able to muster up some time and energy to actually scrap this weekend. 

At my 36 week check up last Tuesday the CNMW announced that I was 2 CM dilated and had a soft cervix.  I thought, yay I'm about to have this baby, but here I am another week further (37 tomorrow), and still no little guy.  That's ok though.

This weekend was so lovely.  Saturday morning my mom and I attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, TX.  I love attending this each year because this is where I stock up on cheap embellishments, lovely papers, and other goodies.  My sweet mom was so generous to buy things for me too.  She is such a doting mother.

Some of the goodies that I came home with are a subscription to Scrapbook Trends magazine for $7 per issue and 2 free magazines. An awesomely large fiskars cutting mat, new fiskars rotary blade trimmer, tons of beautiful paper, lots of sweet embellies from Melissa Frances, Basic Grey, Jenni Bowlin, and other off brand companies, some cat eye chalk inks, a new uniball signo pen, a pack of white Bazzill, and some colored Bazzill cardstock.  Not to mention all the freebies that I tried to win, etc.  It was a lot of walking, and I was eager to get home and put my feet up after all that!!

That evening my sweet hubby took me out on the town.  We saw What to Expect When You're Expecting, which was such a fabulous film.  I will be buying this one; it was way too adorable!! I laughed, I cried, and I peed my pants :) yes! LOL it was that funny. If you've seen this movie, you totally know what I talking about.

That evening I got down to business in my scrap space, used my new papers with old papers, and I used my silhouette machine for the 2nd time since I got it back in December.  I am so glad that I did too because it's PURE brilliance!! Best scrappy investment I've made.

Sunday I got scrappy again doing two page layout for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  Harper came home that afternoon from spending the night with my mom (her Lita), and she proceeded to take a nap with her daddy giving me even more quiet, creative time in my little scrap retreat at home.  I love my new scrap room.

Today I am back at work and will be leaving shortly to sign papers on my home. I'm looking forward to be a homeowner once again, and no longer a squatter :) lol. 

And one more thing, to share a few photos from my Little Gentleman themed baby shower for Sawyer James.  My little mister will be here any day now, and I CAN'T wait to meet him and hold him and nurse him, and scrapbook when I'm on maternity leave, lol. I have CRAFTING on the mind all summer long!!

With Love,

Gabrielle Watson