A diagnosis.

Gavin has been in and out of the doctor's office for more than a month now. He was having back pain, then he was dreadfully sick and lost 10 lbs over the course of a week. They checked for everything, and he came back negative for most stuff. They took a urine sample to find that he has microscopic hematuria.

We went back to the doctor on numerous occasions and this commonplace problem didn't clear up like it normally does. He met with a urologist who ordered a urinalysis and cat scan.

We just went in Friday to get a diagnosis and a cytoscopy, but after looking at the cat scan results the doctor told Gavin that he needs to look at his kidneys through the cytoscope, so he needs surgery.

Good news, Gavin doesn't have bladder cancer (that they can depict at least), bad news he has hydronephrosis, which is the enlargement of a kidney because of a blockage. The doctor says it could be a stone, congenital or it could be a tumor/cancer, etc.

We will see, but for now we are so thankful and gracious that he is cancer free as far as we know, and he won't be awake and alert when they put that thing up his... you know what and where.

Tuesday morning is surgery and he may stay overnight at the hospital, please keep G in your prayers, he's worried about the procedure, and I'm concerned about his well-being and recovery.

On a lighter note, Harper's first birthday is Thursday! Saturday is her party. We are going to let Harper open her present on Thursday and we will save the rest for her party.

Can't wait, plus I have a research paper and presentation this week, eek!!


I'm getting so far behind in my scrapbooking.

I need to scrap:
-San Antonio Trip
-Pumpkin Patch photos
-Xmas photos
-All the Small Things in between... lots of crawling pictures, walking, eating, doing cute stuff... lots and lots of pictures
-First time at the park
-First Easter
-Bluebonnet pictures
and First Birthday

I need to order pictures, and I need to get some more adhesive, and I am going to dedicate this summer to getting caught up on scrapping since I won't have to dedicate any time to studying. Yay!!

Savannah Community Garage Sale...Tomorrow!

We are having the biannual Savannah Community Garage Sale tomorrow!!

Gavin and I are getting rid of a lot of baby things and some other stuff like women's and men's clothes including some maternity, lawn mower, and surround sound system, and other things.

I hope to see you out there!!

Happy Belated Easter...

From the Watson Family, April 2010

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Getting overwhelmed again. Started my movie paper for Dash's class. Signed up for 9 hours next semester; what was I thinking when I signed up for 12 upper level hours while I'm working full time and I'm a parent full time. Crazyiness... I know so I dropped History of Modern Sexualities (sad, I know) I was really looking forward to that class too, but I'll pick it up again at the end of my senior year I suppose.

For the fall I am taking Intro to Sociology (SOCI 1510) during my lunch M, W, and F. I am taking Sociology of Marriage and Family (SOCI 3000) that one is online, and Sociology of Disasters (SOCI 3560) that's my only night class for Fall semester. I was planning on taking A&P I at NCTC over the summer, but I don't know what I was looking at when it said that it was on Tuesday nights... I must have been tired and looking at Spring 2010 or something. Eventually I'll take that class. I can't wait.

So to complete my career and very LONG stint at UNT I need the following courses:
SOCI 1510 - Intro to SOCI
SOCI 4000 - Sociological Theory
SOCI 4870 - Research Methods in SOCI
SOCI 4880 - Quantitative Methods in SOCI
SOCI 3000 - SOCI of Marriage and Family
SOCI 3560 - SOCI of Disaster
(that's as far as my major goes)
HIST 4260 - HIST of Modern Sexualities
PSYC 3640 - PSYC of Marital Adjustment
DFST 3323 - Advanced Marriage and Family Living
RHAB 4800 - Substance Abuse and Sex Addictions
PSYC 4000 - Abuse in Adult Relationships
(for my study of sexualities minor)
(for nursing prerequisites)
BIOL 3500 - Human Development
BIOL 4620 - Medical Terminology
(just because and upper-division)

Yikes I have a lot to take still. Hm.


Every time I see the word Abode, as in a home or dwelling. I think. Adobe, like the clay bricks.

Just thought I'd share that useless thought on this most overwhelmingly, busy day!