Friday Fill Ins!!

1. No, we will NOT forget to celebrate the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior.
2. Let's eat dinner at the old kitchen table.
3. I watched the steam rising from the hot cup of coffee (or tea) and thought: that's hot.
4. Next year it's going to be okay.
5. I'll take that shaken not stirred.
6. Bella is annoying as all hell at least from my point of view.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Harper's first pictures with Santa, tomorrow my plans include a graduation party and Sunday, I want to scrap, relax and wrap presents!

I didn't even realize that I didn't post this week. Sadly not much happened.
Finals were this week, but I turned in my final assignment last week. I made an A in the course, and I'm so pleased! I didn't turn in 1 assignment and I thought for sure that I would pull a B in the class. I was very unhappy about that because I am an all AAAAAs kind of girl! Well this last assignment I made a perfect score even though I typed it up at work the day before it was due, and I am so glad to procrastinate sometimes because I feel like I do better work when I procrastinate a little. Well that is the best present to myself if you ask me... I made an A this semester. Next semester Gavin and I can't afford for me to be in school, so I am taking 1 class. I will be enrolled in Sociology of Sex with Gavin, and this should be TONS of fun. It is taught by my favorite teacher at UNT, and I am so looking forward to it. This is MY AREA of EXPERTISE. I mean when I first started college I wanted to be a sex therapist, so I've taken Human Sexuality and I've taken Psychology of Sex, so of course the next step is to enroll in Sociology of Sex, duh!

Anyway Harper is getting her pictures with Santa tonight, and I am so looking forward to it. I hope that she doesn't cry. She's normally not a crier though, but we will see.

I ordered almost all of our Christmas presents online and most of them have come in today! Now I am just waiting on 1 more shipment, yippee!!

Today we have our holiday party and white elephant at work today and I am looking forward to it.

I feel so blessed to have everyone that I have in my life, and I hope that everyone is having a happy holiday season. I have just one more day at work (Monday) and then I am off for almost 2 weeks, woohoo!!!

For those of you who were worried Harper is feeling much better these last two days and nights. She is getting over her bout with RSV, and since she will be out of school next week too she should be good as new by the time she goes back on the 4th or so... I need to look at my dates!!

God bless!!

Friday Fill Ins!

1. You get the sappy movies and I'll provide the chocolate ice cream.
2. Get right to the point.
3. It's about time.
4. Freakin' ridiculous!
5. I feel more stuffy now than I did this morning.
6. Amen...goodnight!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Gavin's big holiday party, tomorrow my plans include visiting family, hopefully and Sunday, I want to relax!


Pictures from Halloween!

This is from October and November of 2009.

Harper was Sloth from the Goonies for Halloween! Hey you guys...
If you are not familiar with the Goonies.... here's a picture of Sloth.


1. We need baby clothes, baby food, baby diapers and gluten free foods; guess that means I'm going grocery shopping this weekend.

2. Harper was babbling in her sleep this morning and it made me smile.

3. If you want to pay my bills, I will let you.

4. I scrap because I can.

5. Massachusetts has a proposed 5% sales tax on elective cosmetic surgery; I think that might dissuade people from getting cosmetic surgery if they don't need it.

6. Family time, good food, Christmas music, and pictures with Santa makes for a happy holiday.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with my in-laws, tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping and Sunday, I want to go to church then buy a party dress for Gavin's super Holiday Party in Dallas!

Happy super weekend to everyone!!!


Weekend Wrap Up...

Friday - Gavin and I treated ourselves to a yummy meal at IHOP. We had a coupon for buy one get one free on our meals, it is saved us like $8! Awesome! Harper did spit up a couple of times on me during the meal, but whatever! Haha, we then went home and just relaxed altogether. Harper finally fell asleep and Gavin and I watched a movie, but I can't remember what now. I was tired, so I finally went to sleep.

Saturday - We all woke up early and hung out for a little while. Harper is so happy in the mornings to see us it just brightens my day! She's definitely a morning person like her daddy. Me, not so much. I got cleaned up and Gavin showered, then loaded up my car for my crop. I made it to a crop later than I wanted, but family happens if you know what I mean. I stayed at the crop for a few hours until 3:30, then I left to go to my niece's party. Avery turned 11, and I made her an altered frame to put pictures of her and her friends in. When her and her friends were freaking out over who the gift was from they tore the Prima flower I had on there, :( and didn't read the card I made. Oh well. So I'm doing the homemade gift thing this year with the family (birthdays and holidays), but I'm starting to realize that some don't really care about homemade cards or gifts unless they are crafty themselves (and understand how much time, thought and effort goes into a homemade gift). No thank yous or anything (granted she's a kid). Meep. I still take pride and joy in making these homemade things, but I think I will be more selective as to who I spend countless hours on. So.. no children, pretty much. It's getting to the time of the of the year when the focus is on the presents not on the actual story of Christmas too. It's so hard to buy for kids who have everything, like what do you get for them, especially when they are at a very selective age when they are picky about what kind of brands they wear, things they own, etc. Ugh. I give up!
I'm off my soapbox now...after the party Gavin and I went home; we finished setting up the Christmas tree, made some noodles for dinner, and we laid Harper down. I'm pretty sure we watched the Secret Life of Bees, and that was a good movie. I really enjoyed it. It will be interesting to see Dakota Fanning all grown up in New Moon soon. That comes out this Friday, but Gavin and I won't be checking it out till after next payday. That will be our date night I think.

Sunday - We woke up early for church but we were running late as we headed out the door. I'm so glad that we came to church this Sunday because they talked about a prophecy that Jesus made to some of his disciples when they came upon the Great temple in Jerusalem. It was more of a revelation. The walls will fall, there will be famine there will be natural disasters but this is not the 2nd coming but rather the birth pangs of the beginning. I feel like this applies to our lives right now. Gavin and I are in need of help like so many out there, so we continue to pray, and little things here and there come our way to help us out. Thank God for our loved ones, and we have each other and that's all that matters in this world. We have debt, we have obligations that we can't always meet, but no matter. No worry. We have each other, and there are going to be natural disasters. There will be man-made disasters like the crash of the stock market. The collapse of the economy and we are not the only ones affected. In the last 2 years Gavin and I have taken a $20,000 pay cut, and that is not an exaggeration. This happened right as we got into our house, and although at first it didn't seem like a huge toll or hurdle, as of late we have realized just how much we really have been affected.

We have had a rough and tough past few months. We are barely paying for daycare and this coming week I'm going to have to tell them I can't pay because I don't have enough in the bank to cover the check. I have just enough for gas this week for Gavin and me. We could pay a portion and hopefully they will understand, and we can pay the rest when Gavin gets paid on 11/27. We bought groceries Sunday night but we had to budget all the way down to some coupons that we had, and we spent $30 more than we could afford because Harper needed more diapers for home and school. Gavin and I realize that I need a better paying job, but there are SO FEW secretarial jobs that pay more than $26,000 a year, that have decent benefits and a school discount. I'm about giving up on school so that I can just focus on my family. We won't be able to afford even 1 class next semester let alone the two that I have to take so I don't have to continue paying back my student loans, which we are doing right now.

We are about to take out a very large loan at the bank to consolidate our credit debt and pay it off within the next 5 years, and we will see how that goes. I'm just going to pray. I'm going to put it in God's hands. We pay the bills that absolutely must be paid, electricity, water, mortgage, car, insurance, daycare and everything else can just wait till we have enough. We need money for groceries and gas just to survive, and we've maxed out our credit cards because we are in such a bind these last few months to pay for groceries, gas, and everything. Ugh. Money sucks and money is much of the evil in this world.

I know Harper is just a little baby, but I want to teach her the ways of Jesus and God. How to be good person, make good choices, etc. I want to teach her the meaning of Christmas. Not what will Santa bring... that's just a perk of the holiday season.

Okay I could go on but I won't.

Sunday evening ended wonderfully with a beautiful, funny movie: Disney's UP, and a nice dinner of mashed potatoes, corn bread and buttered corn. Yum.

It was my 3rd time to make potatoes and they turned out great! I finally figured it out! Yay! I love my standing mixer that Pam got me two years ago. It is the best at whipping the potatoes!!!

Friday Fill Ins

1. The last band I saw live was Ray LaMontagne, he's a musician not really a band to me. That was February of 2009 for my 23rd birthday from my hubby; I was 4 months preggo..
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is seeing family, eating a lot of delicious food and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is usually done all on Black Friday. It's tradition, and my favorite time of the year!
4. Thoughts of waking up at the butt crack of dawn fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear a size 2 again, oh the days.
6. Bagpipes sound cool, but are very loud in person.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to IHOP with my family, tomorrow my plans include scrapping with my hubby, Avery's birthday party, decorating the tree, and Sunday, I want to go to church, eat spaghetti and watch Disney's Up!

Putting up the Xmas tree!!

So this weekend.... was fun!

Friday - My sister Megan stayed the night with G and me. She's young and naive and beginning to make mistake in life that could cost her in the future, so I had a sit down with her to make sure that she uses her head. I never scolded her or anything. I'm supportive of the decisions she makes to an extent. I'm happy as long as she is thinking clearly, using good judgment and being safe overall. Friday night I participate in the online crop experience hosted by Tammy, JoyJoy and Mel with Christmas with the Cricut, and I was just so much fun to try and follow the chat and I'm so happy for all the winners. I was the GRAND prize winner for the night, and I couldn't be happier!!! I won the GYPSY!!! Holy jeebus!!! And it's great. I've played wit it a little so far. Tammy brought it to me since I was cropping in Highland Village this Saturday, and she even stayed to crop for a while. She's like a CRICUT celebrity in my eyes; she's so lovely and down to earth!!!

Saturday - As I mentioned earlier I cropped in HV at the Municipal Complex. I don't know why people in that area don't take advantage of this crop area! It was fabulous! It's free, and well the lighting is great, etc. It's nice and open with a TV and VCR/DVD player. Very cool! We each got our own table too because hardly anyone was there. Out of 40 people on the HV email list.. it was Kristi (the hostess), my mom, my sis, me and Tammy! What fun. I made some cute envelopes for my 12 Days of Xmas project that Gavin and I are doing this year. I used the Designer's Calendar from Cricut, and I loved it. I think I may actually have to buy that one in the future. I even used Storybook and some others as well! Great stuff!

Sunday - Gavin and I took part in our tradition of pulling the Xmas gear down from the attic. He made a lovely breakfast of eggy in a basket for us. We watched Sleeping with the Enemy. Can you believe that I've never seen this movie? Kind of hokey, yes, but I liked it nonetheless. There is just something about the way that early 90s films were made. We spent part of the day at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. Harper picked out her first Xmas ornament. She got the Classic Pooh Bear. It comes with a tag that says Baby's First Christmas. We are going to get Gavin's, Josie's, my ornaments on our next payday. We need to take care of our mortgage, credit cards, and other bills before we think about spending anymore money on ourselves.

Gavin's 26th birthday is this Wednesday Veteran's day, but we don't really get to celebrate much this year. I really wanted to get him 1 of a few things for his birthday. Now I'm going to put these off for Xmas.

He wants a pair of these...

Some of this...

And both of these...

I hope that this year we can pull together enough money just to buy Harper some needs things. She really needs 6-9 month onesies, outfits, pants/jeans, footie pjs, socks, and a little hoodie or sweater with hood. We would like to buy her some other things too to play with but money is kind of low right now, but we will be able to get her what she needs at least! That's what good parents do. Of course Santa will bring something very special for an 8 month old growing girl, and he knows she will love it :D

Tata for now ladies. I will post pictures of my Saturday creations sometime later in the day or this week!!

Merry (EARLY) Christmas!!!

Gabi from Savannah, TX

Up too late, but I won, woot!!!!!

OMG!!!! I won the CRICUT GYPSY from the Christmas with the Cricut online crop!!!! OMG!! OMG!!! I just had to tell someone!!! OMG!!!

Hey you guys...

Today I won some blog candy from The Scrap Review on Blogspot. I love their little site because they review awesome scrappy stuff all the time. I read it, well every day or at least every new post. I really love this site because I'm a new scrapper. I've only been scrapping for the last 4 months!

Today little miss Harper is 6 months. I need to start planning birthday stuff I feel like. First comes Thanksgiving and Christmas though!!! Can you believe it's already Nov? Geez! Gavin's bday is the 11th, and I still have no idea what I want to get him. My niece Avery's bday is on the 8th, and I think that I'm going to make her something crafty. Maybe her name in chipboard letters to hang in her room... those were 99 cents a piece the other day at HL. I knew that I should've bought some, eek. Oh well. I figure something out!

This past weekend...
Friday - Of course I work, that sucks, but you know I gotta work to maintain my scrappin' habit, and well to pay for other things too! Then I cropped at Suzanne's house, and it was a great time. I made a LO for a GDT spot on Sketchy Thursdays, but that didn't work out, probably for the best though.
Saturday - Gavin, my mom and I took Harper to the Pumpkin Patch in Celina, TX. We took lots of great pictures, and then we headed home to light up the fireplace and watch movies. It was a wonderful day and night!
Sunday - Gavin and I got up and went to Church it was such a great feeling just being there. We ate lunch with his parents at the Prairie House and saw our good friends the Hartfield's. It was a lovely afternoon. Then we went home and just relaxed.

This week we just munched on pizza, watched movies, enjoyed Dancing with the Stars, enjoyed It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and You're Elected, Charlie Brown. Harper had a wonderful few days at school, and tomorrow she goes in for her 6 month check up with Dr. Eckel. Tonight she and I have a lot going on...

She's going to see her granny, well after I call them to watch her, and then I'm going to work on a paper that's due tonight. Then I'm going to make signs for my job for tomorrow's Halloween Party, and I'm going to make Harper's iron on for her costume. Then after that I'm going to make something ARtsy Fartsy for a lady who loves artsy things, but I'm not really that talented at anything other than crafting, so I'm going to make her some cards that she can use I guess :D Hm!

Well.... that's it for today.

I'll fill you in later if anything exciting happens!

Oh I forgot to mention that Harper is going to be SLOTH from the Goonies for Halloween, hence the title! I know Gavin and I are a piece of work but it's going to make for a cute Halloween and lovely spooky scrap pages in Harper's book!

Check out this blog to win some Thickers from her positively lovely collection of Thickers!!!

Vote for me!!

So I'm trying out for the November GDT spot on Sketchy Thursdays website! Please vote for me here, half of the points come from audience votes (just like dancing with the stars)!

Thanks ALL, and I'll have a weekend up for you tomorrow!!


Sketchy Thursday GDT

I am trying out for the Sketchy Thursday's Guest Design Team spot for November. Check out what I made last night!

This is what I used:
-White Bazzill Cardstock
-Tim Holtz Crackle Paint, Black Soot
-Prima Bling
-Pink Paislee Alpha & Patterned Paper
-Creative Imaginations Brads
-Jenni Bowlin Mini Bingo Card
-Misc supplies: Button, Twine, Bling Title, Dyed Gauze (not usually used on scrap pages)

Twisted Tuesday....

Okay, so I forgot to blog yesterday, so here goes...

Friday - Gavin and I were stuck in some major traffic coming home from work Friday evening, so we decided to take the long road. Gavin got lost a time or two, but no thanks to me, haha. I couldn't remember the name of the street he needed to turn onto, so I led him all the way to Pilot Point, haha. Oh well. We both made it home around the same time. Later that evening we took care of Harper as usual. She and I took a nice little bath. Then we watched Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell, and it was pretty funny, though there was some terrible acting at times. Once Harper was down for the night (or at least part of it) Gavin helped me pack up for my slop crop. Then we went to beddy-by and it was a nice peaceful sleep until Harper woke up. Sweet girl.... we need to work on this waking up in the middle of the night for some boobie. You're almost 6 months old, and well it's time for you to sleep ALL through the night (just like the song).

Saturday - I woke up very early to get to my SLOP crop on time to set up. I showered and fed Harper. Then I headed to Wal-Mart to buy some of those plastic shoe boxes. They were $.94, what a steal, so I bought 2. Then I got Scrapbooks Etc, yay, I love that one, and I picked up some labels and chocolate for the crop. I drove by Cheryl Bass's house to pick up my goodies from, and I am so glad that I did. I bought the June Bug 6x6 pad, a 6x6 chipboard album, and some alpha/embellies stickers that match the line. This is what I'm using to make my in-law's New Home album for XMAS, don't tell them I'm making it though. It's a surprise :D I stopped at Taco C for a few breakfast tacos, and I got to the church with 10 minutes to spare. Well.... I was there by myself until about 10:30, so I set up 2 tables by myself. They are quite heavy, so I gave up and waited until someone else got there. A group of gals who decided to attend last minute all arrived about the same time, and I'm sure glad I did. They are from the NTXSCRAPPERS group from Yahoo, and they had just joined the site the other day when I mentioned it to our online group. I'm glad I did because it was just me and the gals until about 2:00 when other people started showing up. I gave away 2 little scrappy door prizes, and all the reese's were gone by the end of the crop. Tammy with Christmas with the Cricut blessed us with her presence and lots of goodie ;D I used the her Gypsey for the first time, and I used some of her punches that she brought. She's too sweet and so sharing, I love it! Jill was there to give me some pointers on how to make a chipboard mini-album after all she is the mini-album queen! She was very helpful, and I feel like that I'm off to a good start. The crop ended beautifully, and we all made it home safely.

Sunday - Gavin and I were too tired to get up and go to church, and I feel guilty that we didn't go. I was really looking forward to it. Instead we drove out to Denton to go to the pumpkin patch with my parents, but my mom realized that she had to put in some hours at work, so we just hung out at Target mostly. We bought Harper her first training sippy cup and some 1st Foods baby food. So far she doesn't like peas at ALL, and she will TOLERATE squash, yuck. Oh well. She's getting too big for her little britches. Harper is such a darling, and I just love her to PIECES! We came home and made a pallet on the floor. I fed Harper until she napped, and then we watched the Proposal. It was a cute flick, not my fave though, and my dad stopped by to visit and love on Harper a little. After that we just kind of winded down to go to bed.

Monday - Yesterday I worked of course. I visited Harper at her school during my lunch (I always do this) I got some work done during the day (Mondays are miserable for me at work) then my sweet hubby took me out to dinner at Mr. Chopsticks. It was delicious. We went home and I fed Harper some more squash. Then she played a little while and we watched Dancing with the stars. Harper fell asleep and we laid her in her crib. Gavin slept on the couch while I rubbed his back, and then we all finally laid in bed for a good night's rest. Harper woke up at midnight pretty upset. So I got her out of her bed and rocked her a little bit till she fell asleep. Then I laid her in her swing to rock her some more, and she didn't wake up until 5:30 this morning to eat again. For some reason I'm exhausted though and I got more sleep than usual. Hm...

Now I'm at work and it's Tuesday. I hope to get some goodies in the mail soon. Cheers, and I have a crop this Friday that I'm wicked excited about. It should be great. I need to get a sanding pad for my minialbum and paint dobbers. Then I will start on the first page of Pam and Jim's album :D Yay.

I decided on some XMAS gifts too, but I can only post a few of my ideas on here.
I'll do that later though because I really need to get to working :D


Monday Madness...

So I'm going to do things a little differently on here. I'm going to post like 1-2 times a week because well...I've been bad about posting, so here goes :D

Friday - I got off work a little early and I was able to buy some scrappy stuff with my little girl while she rode around in her little stroller. I got the Fiskar's Apron Lace border punch, MS Classic Butterfly punch, and some AWESOME pp and accessories - Monstrosity & Sweet Marmalade by Sassafras Lass, Nutmeg by Cosmo Cricket, Report Card by October Afternoon. Also...some cute pp that was on clearance and Rock Candy Stickles. Then my awesome Mommy bought me a few goodies from Archiver's in Austin. I was so jealous that she got to go without me :( Wahhh.. Friday evening I hung out with my little hubby and then I scrapped some cards for my neice's and nephew's birthdays.

Saturday - WE woke up early, I know how surprising, me of all people. I played with little Harper. I surfed the internet for a bit. I cleaned up my scrap room a bit. Then while little miss nappied I showered and then we went to Wal-Mart to buy my nephew's bday gift. It's hard to shop for the family who has everything, so we got him the movie Lilo & Stitch. I'm pretty sure they don't already own it, and I know that he and his older brother would love it. They love movies. We had cake, and then we went home for the evening while the yard guys took care of the lawn. Harper's Abuelita Denise and Grandpa Kevin came by with Chinese food, and we all ate dinner together. It was a terribly fun night.

Sunday - We spent Monday morning at our new church home First United Methodist of Frisco. It is such a wonderful place, and Harper actually stayed in the nursery the whole service (well most of the time) the nursery direction Kathering ( I think) walked her around the halls to look at the other children in the classroom because she was pretty fussy as usual. She's going through a phase right now where she doesn't like to be in unknown places with unfamiliar faces (stranger danger)... then after church we saw Zombieland at Movie Tavern. What a hilarious movie!?! I can't wait to own this one on video. There was a lot of gore in the beginning, but it did get better at least. We picked Harper up from her granny Pam's house then we came home and took a nice long nappy. Harper pretty much slept the whole time until 7-ish this morning. It was quite amazing. Thank Heaven for whoever created the battery operated swing. Bless them!

Okay that's all for now folks. I'll fill you in on this week well... later this week!

Sweet Deal!

I hope you love sweet deals. Kindred Creations is having a giveaway!!! Check it out... Daily Scrapbook and Papercrafting Deals: Spread the Word Giveaway!

Cricut Carts and 7 Gypsies, hooray!

I'm so obsessed with other people's lives and blogs that I tend to forget about my own.

Harper is 5 months as of yesterday. She got her 4 month immunizations yesterday and in the future I will never make another afternoon appointment EVER!

Ugh so we waited in the sick room because there was no place to wait, and there were TONS of sick kids. I was afraid that Harper might catch something, so I moved to wait in the hallway. We got there at 3:45 for our 4:00 appointment, then we were finally called back at 4:30, and then finally seen at 5:00. Then the nurse finally came in with the shots at 5:30. We had a dinner date with Gavin's parents so we got to their place at almost 6:00. Pam made some delicious fall of the bone ribs, corn and sliced cheesy potatoes, yum!

Gavin is taking a half day at work to study for an exam and get his flu shot.

After I nurse Harper at lunch I will head to Walgreens and get my very own flu shot. I suppose I should call them to see how much and see if they have any before I head that direction, super.

I'm super mom!!!

I'm sad that there is a crop this Saturday. I would totally be there but I cropped last Friday night. I wouldn't have gone to the Friday crop if I knew about this earlier... eek!

I NEED TO PLAN stuff I'm so bad about that.

Playing games with Kindred Creations today. Bought some awesome 7 Gypsies stuff from Peachy Cheap this week.
I purchased my first two cricut cartridges on EBAY... I won Home Accents and Stamping Solutions. Can't wait to use them!!!

I love online shopping.. I really shouldn't though. Ebay is my FAVE.

Post from SHOT Meet Up Group

So if any of you gals are like me, then you must love a deal, discount, steal, sale, clearance, bargain, closeout, giveaway, value, low price, markdown, nominal price, reduction, overstock....and one of my favorites "additional __% or $__ off!"

Well I thought that I would share some of my tips and tricks to getting smashing steals on scrapbook stuff.

Most of us probably cut and use coupons for our LSS (local scrapbook stores) and big box craft stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joanns. I love going to places like these where you get to touch and feel the pretty papers, bewitching bling, sassy stickers, adorable alphas, precious punches, seductive stamps, enchanting embellishments, and smart scrappin' tools! Well I am here to tell you about some of the places online that you can stock up on some fabulous finds for almost pennies (well really…a few quarters, nickels and dimes but still a steal is a steal no matter how small)!

I love DEAL a DAY sites… I know there are lots of them out there for NSPR (non-scrapbook related) stuff, but there are some ultra cool Scrapbook steal sites available to us if we just search a bit. Here are my faves!


This site launched not too long ago. They offer $5 shipping every day on all purchases, and most of the products are generally 25-75% off.


This one is the bomb! The owner of this site offers some mega deals daily! Her shipping varies per item, but it usually runs around $.99 to $4.99. Lately she’s been doing some $.99 and $1.99 shipping on all purchases. A few weeks ago I purchased 5 packs of 7 Gypsies Rub-Ons for $7.99 + $2.99 shipping. What a steal!?


This site offers some delicious deals… not only are they a deal a day site, but they sometimes offer MULTIPLE deals a day. They have a cute blog that I follow. They offer giveaways, free shipping deals, and some decadent discounts if you don’t mind me saying. They recently started their Crop a la Carte, where you sign in and purchase deals for the week. They combine shipping on all of your steals and send all of your items to you at once. Just a wonderful site!


Another wonderful steal a day site here! I follow this blog as well. Right now she’s offering sweet shipping deals, and for the next month EVERY item each day is Halloween themed to get you in the mood for the spookiest season of the year!


This place is just peachy and cheap!!! Shipping is usually $3.99 to $4.99 daily. Sometimes even cheaper, sometimes even free! Peachy Cheap is known for their lovely grab bags that are $9.99 + shipping, and they full of surprises from brand named paper slabs to American Crafts Thickers (thick Alpha stickers), embellishments, and other cool croppin’ stuff! Check ‘em out!


Okay, so this is definitely one of my favorite sites. The owner of this site hosts a little shop on her web forum, and monthly they have Auctions starting at just pennies. They had their September Auction this past weekend, and I won a pack of Daisy D’s die-cut frames for $.02. I mean 2 cents people!!! The fees alone on Paypal cost more than that, so she is giving them to me for free. No I am not even paying shipping. Today’s deal on her blog is a 2 pack of American Crafts Thickers (Chit Chat in orange and pink) for $4.50 +$1.50 shipping. That’s 2 packs of Thickers for the price of 1; what a steal?! This is one of the first sites I check on daily because she keeps her shipping costs low… I think the most I’ve ever seen for shipping was $5.00, but usually it’s around $1.00-2.50. Her deals are definitely the cheapest around. Even cheaper than the other sites above! Some brands that I see on her site include: Crate Paper, P is for Pebbles, Daisy D’s, Three Bugs in a Rug, and American Crafts.


I don’t know too much about this site, and the other day it wasn’t working, but before their site started having complications they sold bigger scrapbook items like the Yudu from Provocraft, the Cricut, Your Story, and even scrapbook totes like the Navigator. They had some awesome deals, so I hope that they come back and give us more opportunities to buy up those deals and discounts at closeout prices!


I don’t like this site too much, but I thought I’d share it anyway. Sometimes they offer scrapbook deals. In the last month that I’d checked them they’ve had 1 scrapbook steal and everything else is mostly home d├ęcor items. Not my favorite, but I’m sure that someone can find something fabulous here!

If any of you gals know of anymore deal a day sites online PLEASE let us know! I for one know that I would visit it daily!

Okay and on to some wonderful sites online that I love to visit just for scrapbook fun! Most of these sites have forums and stores that I participate and shop for stuff on.


Mama Freak Monica put this site together that offers a store, forum and gallery. I participate on the forums daily, and when I find time I upload my scrapbook related images into the gallery. Her store is wonderful too for all of us North Texans. She offers 10% off daily on all her of products, and host sales generally 1 time per month. You can find out about her discounts, challenges and other announcements through her monthly newsletter; sign up on her website. Her scrapbook store is done right out of her home in Highland Village, TX, so although she offers a cheap $5 shipping on all orders and free shipping on orders of $60 or more, it’s free to pick up from her house, and generally orders are ready for pick up by the next day.


This is a big box online retailer of scrapbook and other cool crafty things! They offer daily deals, a large forum, and free shipping on orders of $50 or more with their monthly free ship code, available in their newsletters. This is a great place to find deals on ALL of your favorite brands.


I like this site because it stays up to date on all the Texas retreats, events, boards, meet-ups, and local scrap shops. This is the site that I found my favorite LSS: Scrappin’ Bunnies and SHOT meet-up group, GREAT site if you are looking for a place to retreat to and a crop; great starting place for beginner scrappers like myself.



Both of these sites are great to find sketches on the fly. If you need some inspiration too both of these sites have great little galleries.


If you are looking for a place to host your images, edit and print your photos then this is the PLACE. They are inexpensive, and their coupon codes can be found on Retail Me Not. The most recent code is for 15 free prints. They have LOW shipping everyday unlike some places I’ve used online, and the picture quality is better than ones that I’ve gotten from Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. They are number 1!!!

Here is a list of retailers and other websites that you can find CLOSEOUT prices on scrapbooking items where you may not ordinarily look for scrap stuff…

- Big Lots

- Tuesday Morning

- Walmart

- Target





- Dollar General

- Dollar Tree

So I’m finished for now, but I would love to see your comments of some of the places that you find wicked awesome deals on your scrapbook finds.

Where do you go? What are some things that you find? What are some places that you just have to visit online when you think of SCRAPBOOKING!?

Thanks Gals,

Gabrielle Watson

Dr. Suess

A person's a person no matter how small.


No one in my family is getting any better, eek! Gavin is sick as a dog, running a fever all night. I took Harper out last night we picked up a few things at the W.

Tomorrow is my crop for this month, so I sure hope that Gavin is feeling well enough to take care of Harper. After all I did it when I was dead sick the other day when his mom couldn't watch her, so I'm sure he can handle it. I only ask for 1 day a month.

I'm going to pack up my stuff tonight in my new case that my mom is giving to me. I can't wait. I'm giong to have a rolling case, yay!

I might stop by Scrappin' Bunnies after I get there and unload my stuff in the morning.

I hope that Harper has a good night tonight and a good day at school. I had to leave her outside with her teacher this morning because all the teachers were locked out of their school, geez! You would think that all the lead classroom teachers would have keys to the building, duh. That only makes sense if you ask me.

I'm extremely tired, and I still have a cough, but overall I'm feeling much improved from the last week or so. Gavin needs to see a doctor tonight or something. I hope that we don't have the flu. I don't suspect it's flu, but I guess we'll know if Harper gets really sick like us.

Sick, sick, sick...

So to update everyone since I haven't blogged at all this week... sad news right!?

I'm sick with some ear infections and respitory infection of sorts. Been on meds for a few days now, and I'm feeling a little better, but still coughing a bit and not feeling quite myself... Harper has a cough. Ugh. When I'm off these meds I'm getting the flu vaccine since she's too little right now. Gavin is coming down with something. He's sick, sick, sick as a dog like I was the other day, so now he knows.

This weekend I have a wicked crop, and I can't wait. Tonight I need to make a belated birthday card for a student worker, and then I need to bake a cake or something. Or I may do that for Monday since tonight Harper and I are alone, all by ourselves while daddy learns stuff in class.

Had to drop one of my classes this semester but I really don't mind. It was too overwhelming, two online classes, full time job spending lunches at the nursery: nursing my daughter, then when I get home at night too exhausted to read after nursing for hours and then finally going to bed.... and of course there's stuff in between there, but there's just so little time to do much of anything else.

I'm still enrolled in a couple of hours though, so that works for me and the fam.

Gavin and I decided that we are going to wait till 2011 before we start trying on another little baby. I love my little one so much, and I would love another now, but I don't want to take anything away from her. I want her to have her special baby time all by her lonesome :D She's my sweet angel.

I wish I could stay home with her this first year.... I feel like I miss so much when she's at school all day.

Sleepy Head...

Ok so I'm still exhausted from our trip to San Antonio. We had a good time even though it was a bit stressful at times. I ordered some Cosmo Cricket Earth Love. Love it! I think that I'm picking it up tonight. I don't know though because it all really depends on Harper and Josie.

Gavin has class tonight. I was breaking out in hives again this morning, but they went away on their own, yay! I figure they're probably caused by stress or something at my house.

This morning our street smelled like sewage. It was quite disgusting.

Harper seems to be feeling better. I had to take her to the doctor on Tuesday. She had some cold virus, but she's doing better now. I don't have a crop this weekend, and I'm kind of sad about it, mope.

Gavin and I have decided that Harper is going to be Sloth from the Goonies for Halloween. They have identical hairstyles now that most of Harper's hair has fallen out and by that time she may have at least 1 little toothie.

Teehee.. so glad that I shared.

Okay for lunch... a free subway sandwich courtesy of SCRABBLE. Yay!

And.. of course seeing my little girl as usual. This is the best part of my day.

Now... working and paying bills, eek!

So found out today that our mortgage company was bought out by Bank of America, and the debt collectors at BofA gave Gavin and pretty nasty call about how we haven't made our payment for August. LIERS! Well I called them and fussed about this and apparently our mortgage company went out of business, and they are supposed to be sending our August check to BofA. They said that we will not be penalized for anything because it is not our fault, and this is happening to several people and not to be alarmed.

I'm counting down until I can head home. I was talking with a "lady" online about selling my other wedding dress to her (the one that I didn't wear), and she was so happy to buy it, but only if I she could send me the shipping box, extra money and a cashier's check. LOL. Scam! Gosh I don't get why there is thievery in the world.


San Antonio or Bust...

This Friday Gavin, Harper and I are headin' to Ole San Antone for a weekend of loveliness with my family. I love those guys!

I feel terrible though because it's my friend's baby shower this weekend, and the Highland Village crop. Eek. I'm so sad to miss both, but I've had this on my calendar since before Harper was born!

Anyhow, I will make the next crop, and I will make a little Mama and Harper date to hang out with Elizabeth before she pops!

I have a full September... I'm thinking about dropping one of my courses as well. I know I shouldn't take less than 6 hrs, but I don't feel committed enough to focus all of my free time on two classes this semester. There's so much to read for just one of them. I may just drop it and wait till next semester. I feel like I keep putting this class off, but it's much harder now that I have a little one to watch in the evening. At least I'll be in 1 class though.

Yeah, I should just drop it.... I think at least.

We'll see.
9/12 - SLOP Crop with the SHOTS gals in Frisco 10 am - 11 pm
9/19 - Crop with gals in South Denton from 4 pm - 12 am

and I didn't know if I told anyone yet but I got a merit raise at work, and I *hopefully* will be bringing home about $300 extra a month. That won't cover all of Harper's daycare, but still.. it's a little extra that we have been needing really badly!!!

3 day week... pretty much.

Today I got to work... late, but for good reason. Harper had for 4 month check up today. She was supposed to get shots, but someone was running a low temp and has an ear infection, so they opted out on her vaccines for another 10 days. I will bring her back on the 9th, and she will get a little check up and some little shotsies.. eek!

I went to the doctor after that, and I'm having some kind of allergic reaction to something around me or something that I've been eating. It attacks late in the evening or night. First I break out in hives, and then I develop hives on the inside of my body, and my chest feels like it's going to explode, yuck! So I have an epi-pen for when I can't breath, and I need to be rushed to the ER, and I have a steroid to help ease some of the inflammation that my insides are suffering from right now. Like I'm not having an allergic reaction right now, but my chest still hurts from last night. I was in pain from 12-4 AM, I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. I was kind of afraid that I was having a heart attack.

Ok this Friday we leave for San Antonio. I can't wait to go. So excited to see my fam. Tonight afterwork I'm picking up Gavin's textbook, Harper's prescription, dropping off my prescription and picking it up later this evening...
and I'm donating diapers to a struggling mom in my area. I feel for them, so I have some size 1's that Harper has grown out of and I'm going to give them away. I love freecycle

This Friday I picked up a swing for Harper's school that I plan to donate.

Harper is 2 ft tall/long. She's 13.5 lbs, and in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She's in the 25th percentile for her head, and the doctor says she's getting a flat head, so she won't need a helmet at this time, but it might be soon in the school doesn't stop keeping her on her back. GREAT!

I've talked to them about this too. They need to listen to her mama. I know best!!!

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

Daddy and baby girl are napping right now. I finally showered for the day, yay!

So I blogged about our 3rd wedding anniversar but I don't think that I filled everyone in on what was to follow. I woke up that night at 3 in the morning with severe burning in my abdomen. I got out of bed to take some antacid however to my surprise I was covered in itchy whelps! Eek, so I drove myself to CVS for some benedryl, and then I went to sleep again ( a very deep sleep I might add) till 10 AM. I was late for work and I had to hurriedly find someone to watch Harper since she can't go to daycare after 9 AM. Luckily Harper's Great-Grandma Pat was happy to watch her, and I was able to take care of business at work.

Gavin had his first night of Social Research, sounds fun right. I hope he doesn't very well this semester. I'm signed up for two online classes ART 1300 (easy right?) and SOCI 1510 (another easy class) however what used to be a breeze to take before Harper was born has become somewhat of a challenge. We'll see how I do though. I'll take nothing less than an A for both.

I'm working on getting that 3.5 gpa afterall!! I have about 50 more hours to go right... man that's a lot. Oh well I'm like 65% done.

I scrapped some cards for my neice and our Auntie Darbi for their birthday. I hope they enjoy them. I'm working on a nakie girl LO, still. Harper woke up while I was on the Freak last night. We've been trying to transition her to her crib, but she doesn't sleep well in her room. She wakes up all the time now. Ugh. So I'm sleep deprived yet again.

Good news, Gavin's headache has finally gone away. This evening we are returning movies to Hastings, and then we are going to do something... else. I just don't know what yet. Tonight: True Blood... I can dig it.

Anyhow... money troubles still linger. When will we win the lotto? I hope that we can somehow start paying on our medical bills. I don't want to put it all on credit... I hate credit. I'm going to have to take out school loans again to help us get by and pay for classes. Eek.

But all of this is well worth it. It will be nice to look back and say we were broke, but we were happy!

Happy weekend to you all, and I hope that next week is even better than the last.

Monday - Harper's 4 Month old Shots
Friday - San Antonio here we come!!!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to me!

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary. It's weird to think that only 4 years ago Gavin and I were just about to meet and start our lives together on this fab journey. It's been a wonderful 4 years of loving you and 3 years of marriage. It's been a splendid 4 months of sharing parenthood with you, and I can't wait for all the years to come.

I am so sorry that you are sick today, and I hope you are feeling up to dinner tonight. You are my sweet hubby G, and I love you with all my heart!!

Although we don't have the money to do something uber special I am so glad that we can still share a meal with each other, share meaningful conversation, share our dreams, share our bed, and share our love with each other and with our newest member of the fam, little girl!

May the next three years be as beautiful as the last 3 have been, but with a little more money or less bills :D

Love you babe!!!

On to something else breifly... Delightful Hands in Celina will not sell paper craft stuff anymore, so sad, but they are having a ridiculous sale up to 80% off everything in the store. Check it out!!

Following another new blog...

Here's the link to her blog, and she is a finalist in the Summer Teen Contest hosted by Prima Marketing. She needs your votes to win though, so vote for her! She is a very talented young SCRAPPER!!!

Slightly sleep deprived...

Ooh I found a new blog to follow. Here's the link!

So cute and wonderful ideas if you ask me!!

Okay so now that my little baby is sleeping through the night mostly my hubby G is keeping me awake!
He's got a bad headache, migraine or something going on. I was so worried when he woke me up telling me he was scared he was in so much pain.

Um... I'm seriously thinking about spending the weekend of Nov 26-29th at Memory Lane Inn. They have a $99 special for that weekend in the 3 bedroom suites. I don't really have the money though, so I would charge it.

Today I'm going to surprise Gavin with his video game for our wedding anniversary that is tomorrow. We will be married for 3 years. Yay for us. I love him so much, and I hope that we are always as happy together as we are right now.

Tomorrow maybe dinner, depending on how G feels. I hope that he's only suffering from migraines, and it isn't something worse. I hope that we get back on our feet financially so we don't have to use my school loan money anymore for extras in our life.

Oh well. I wish I could stay home with Harper for a little while longer. I feel like I'm losing my breastmilk, and I'm just so depressed about that. I just love my baby so much, and I only ever want the very best for her! And that would be her Mama!!!

I may invite a friend over this weekend to scrap with me. Maybe we could make some cards or something since she doesn't really scrapbook heavily like I do. I need to make a card this weekend for my niece's birthday. And I need to pick up a little gift for her someplace!

Oh I hope my sweet hubby is feeling better today.

I'm so bad...

It's Friday, finally!!! Yay *dances a little jig*

Gavin gets paid today, so I'm going to figure the checkbook, write some checks for the school, pay our bills and put aside grocery money. I think we might do something super fun this weekend and splurge, maybe go to the aquarium. I don't know for sure though. We'll see.

Gavin and I decided that we are going out to dinner and we will buy each other gifts this year for our 3rd year wedding anniversary. I'm getting scrap stuff (of course), and he's getting Batman Arkum Asylum, an xbox video game. He's just thrilled.

I am kind of sad that we didn't have enough money to take a trip this year, but we are driving to San Antonio to see family Labor Day weekend so that's kind of a like a trip for us. It's still a bummer though because since we've been together we've gone to Disney World and Fredericksburg, TX for our 1 year anniversary and last year we stayed at Hotel Zaza in Dallas an upscale Boutique hotel.

Oh well. I'm just happy that we are sharing this anniversary with our sweet baby girl, and I'm glad that we are going to splurge a little though and buy each other something. We deserve it after 4 years of togetherness, 3 years of marriage and 1 pregnancy!

I'm counting the days until I can get my own Pink Paislee CHASUM09 lines and Cosmo Cricket stuff. I'm seriously almost out of PP. I have some that I don't plan to use for a while or ever, so I may try to sell those for cheap. It would be nice to have a little extra dough for scrap stuff. I don't have ton of stuff to sell, but I definitely have a ton of BABY paper that I don't ordinarily scrap with.

I might try to find some of ideas of how to utilize baby scrap paper. Even though Harper's a baby I don't use it for some reason.

GIMME chocolate!!

It's hard to keep up with my blog since I don't think anyone reads it. Grr.


Anyhow this week Harper is feeling much better. She's not really eating like she should during the day and giving her caretakers a hard time, but I'm okay with that as long as they are not giving her a hard time.

I want to stay home with my girl.

I want more PP. I'm running out slowly but surely I just don't have anymore of my favorite brands. I need to buy a pack of cards so I can start on my cards for the future, and I need to start Xmas shopping when I get some MOOLA! Yippee!

I'm excited, and I feel like I'm high off these glue fumes that are in my office, eek! I want to have a good night tonight, and I'm seriously craving chocolate!

Harper's Sick...

Been at home with Harper since yesterday. On Tuesday night Harper started running a pretty high fever. It peaked at 102.7. I administered infant Tylenol at midnight, 4, and 8 because her fever hadn't come down. Finally I gave her a warm bath yesterday morning and the fever broke. Took her to the doctor and they put a little catheter in her tootie. She didn't seem to mind for some reason, she was mostly upset because they were holding her little legs down. That came back negative. They sent the urine off to be cultured though. Then took her to presby for blood work. She cried, but she eventually got over it. She didn't like the lady squeezing her little footsie. After that though she was smiling and laughing. The blood work checked out okay, so the doc says she probably has 'enterovirus' I don't know what that is, but whatever. He say she should run a pretty high fever for the next 3 days, so I'm keeping her out of school till Monday.

Today she is acting much better, but she seems to feel better during the day, and she fusses and screams at night because she's miserable. It's been a rough couple of nights for everyone at our house.

Tomorrow my mom is staying home with Harper though. I have a feeling she'll be better feeling by then. Monday she returns to school.

I work on Saturday for graduation, then my friend is coming into town, and we are having dinner with her and all my old pals! I just need to figure out where! Gavin will be volunteering at the nursery, so I need to find someone to watch Harper for us. Hm.

Now I'm off to shower and then scrap a little. I haven't gotten to scrap since Saturday, and I received some wonderful stuff in the mail this week from my gal pals!!! Eek!

Looking forward to this moment of silence!!!

Tonight if Harper is feeling well enough Gavin and I might go see a movie since it's discounted tonight.

Our 3rd wedding anniversary is in a few days and we don't have the money for gifts or for anything nice right now, so this might just be it till next year! Gavin hopefully will get a new job soon or at least after we go to San Antonio. That trip is in just a few weeks. Yay! Even though we're broke we are still going. We've been planning to see family since well... before Harper was born. Fun stuff..

Case of the Mondays...

Ugh. Gavin has to get a part time job. It sucks, but it just has to be done. We are just not pulling in enough money to pay for Harper's school, groceries, credit cards, car, insurance, phone, tv, elec/gas, water and other stuff.

This sucks.

When I stop nursing I will definitely get a PT job as well. I may have to put school on the back burner until Harper's out of daycare or something, or until Gavin gets a raise or I do. This sucks.

Just sucks!!! It makes me crazy worried since we can't pay for Harper's school. Luckily my parents are going to help us out a little, but still we are adults and shouldn't need the help of our parents.

I just hope and pray that Gavin doesn't have to apply all over the place for a 2nd job, and I hope that Lowe's hires him right off the bat. He's a great employee, and goodness WE are desperate for extra money. Just enough to cover Harper's school at least!

On a lighter note, I had a great time this Saturday at my crop. I don't feel so bad because it was only $5 to get in. I met some wonderful ladies, and I fully intend to go again.

This Saturday I work graduation for 2 hours, while Gavin will be volunteering at Harper's school to get his volunteer hours out of the way, and then we are supposed to go out to dinner with our old friend, but I don't know if we'll be able to really afford it, so we may use part of my student loan to pay for dinner. Eek. At least I'm still enrolled so I won't be paying those back right away. Blegh!

Also I'm taking a break from buying scrap stuff until we have extra money. I can use my stash for now.

I'll post later... feelin' kind of down.


Okay so tonight I have a wedding to attend, wee! My friends are getting married, teehee!

I have a date tonight after the ceremony. We have decided to skip out on the reception just because we don't want to stay away from Harper for too, too long, so instead we are going out for a quick dinner at TX Roadhouse because my fat self is craving rolls, butter and chicken fried steak, yum!

I know, I know I can't quit talking about it, but I'm going to a crop this weekend, nanana boo boo!!

I pack my stuff up last night. I hope my madre isn't angry I took all of her creative memory stickers out of the creative memory binder and pouches and put all of my own stickers, thickers and other awesome stuff in there. Whee! I was able to condense most ALL of my stuff into a creative memories shoulder bag, creative memories sticker binder, my memory lane canvas bag and my little tool kit. Yippee, that means I'll have more scrap room on my table, teehee!

Oh yesterday a new wonderful friend from Scrap Freak gifted me some of her stash. I can't wait to received it in the mail and add it to my slow growing stash. I just can't wait!! She's gifting me some fibers and flowers, whee!

Now I need to pay it forward :D I'll have to find something in my stash that I can give to someone else. I know that I have some extras of cardstock stickers (like doubles) so I may RAK them to someone who wants them....

I may start doing this like once a month, and I've decided that I'm going to start making my own cards for people. It may be kind of time consuming, but it will be very special I'm positive!!!

Yipeee! Enjoy your weekend folks!

Croppy McCropster and other Wednesday Oddities!

Ooh ooh!! I'm going to crop this weekend, yippee! This will be my first crop with the SHOT group on; there are still 10 seats left and it's $5 (cash) at the door. Just sign up on their website to be part of the festivities. They do 2 crops a month. Yay, yay!!! There are some stellar deals / day today, so check them out. The website links are in the post before this one.

Harper is doing so well today. She started out on the tummy at the daycare center. She is such a wonderful little girl.

I have a wedding to attend this Friday. My crop is scheduled this Saturday, and I'm working on a birthday card for someone special!

At work now so I better get to steppin! Can't wait till the day when I can run my own business, whee!

Deals a day and other scrap sites...

I'm dead today. It's so busy my mind is fried. I need more sleep. I want to see my little girl. I want to snuggle my sweet hubster, and I want to SB. Eek. I'm going to a crop this weekend in Frisco, and I can't wait. I'm so glad that Gavin supports my new hobby. Harper stayed with her granny Pam today, and I know she had a lot of fun. She's practicing how to sit up. She's having more tummy time, and she's getting a lot of talking done for sure!

My mind is drawing a blank today, so no more to update really, well except for this....

Craft and Scrapbook Deals A Day Websites... enjoy!!!

And my new fave sketch site...

And a great site for shopping and chatting...

Yay for the internet!!!