No one in my family is getting any better, eek! Gavin is sick as a dog, running a fever all night. I took Harper out last night we picked up a few things at the W.

Tomorrow is my crop for this month, so I sure hope that Gavin is feeling well enough to take care of Harper. After all I did it when I was dead sick the other day when his mom couldn't watch her, so I'm sure he can handle it. I only ask for 1 day a month.

I'm going to pack up my stuff tonight in my new case that my mom is giving to me. I can't wait. I'm giong to have a rolling case, yay!

I might stop by Scrappin' Bunnies after I get there and unload my stuff in the morning.

I hope that Harper has a good night tonight and a good day at school. I had to leave her outside with her teacher this morning because all the teachers were locked out of their school, geez! You would think that all the lead classroom teachers would have keys to the building, duh. That only makes sense if you ask me.

I'm extremely tired, and I still have a cough, but overall I'm feeling much improved from the last week or so. Gavin needs to see a doctor tonight or something. I hope that we don't have the flu. I don't suspect it's flu, but I guess we'll know if Harper gets really sick like us.

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