San Antonio or Bust...

This Friday Gavin, Harper and I are headin' to Ole San Antone for a weekend of loveliness with my family. I love those guys!

I feel terrible though because it's my friend's baby shower this weekend, and the Highland Village crop. Eek. I'm so sad to miss both, but I've had this on my calendar since before Harper was born!

Anyhow, I will make the next crop, and I will make a little Mama and Harper date to hang out with Elizabeth before she pops!

I have a full September... I'm thinking about dropping one of my courses as well. I know I shouldn't take less than 6 hrs, but I don't feel committed enough to focus all of my free time on two classes this semester. There's so much to read for just one of them. I may just drop it and wait till next semester. I feel like I keep putting this class off, but it's much harder now that I have a little one to watch in the evening. At least I'll be in 1 class though.

Yeah, I should just drop it.... I think at least.

We'll see.
9/12 - SLOP Crop with the SHOTS gals in Frisco 10 am - 11 pm
9/19 - Crop with gals in South Denton from 4 pm - 12 am

and I didn't know if I told anyone yet but I got a merit raise at work, and I *hopefully* will be bringing home about $300 extra a month. That won't cover all of Harper's daycare, but still.. it's a little extra that we have been needing really badly!!!

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