Cricut Carts and 7 Gypsies, hooray!

I'm so obsessed with other people's lives and blogs that I tend to forget about my own.

Harper is 5 months as of yesterday. She got her 4 month immunizations yesterday and in the future I will never make another afternoon appointment EVER!

Ugh so we waited in the sick room because there was no place to wait, and there were TONS of sick kids. I was afraid that Harper might catch something, so I moved to wait in the hallway. We got there at 3:45 for our 4:00 appointment, then we were finally called back at 4:30, and then finally seen at 5:00. Then the nurse finally came in with the shots at 5:30. We had a dinner date with Gavin's parents so we got to their place at almost 6:00. Pam made some delicious fall of the bone ribs, corn and sliced cheesy potatoes, yum!

Gavin is taking a half day at work to study for an exam and get his flu shot.

After I nurse Harper at lunch I will head to Walgreens and get my very own flu shot. I suppose I should call them to see how much and see if they have any before I head that direction, super.

I'm super mom!!!

I'm sad that there is a crop this Saturday. I would totally be there but I cropped last Friday night. I wouldn't have gone to the Friday crop if I knew about this earlier... eek!

I NEED TO PLAN stuff I'm so bad about that.

Playing games with Kindred Creations today. Bought some awesome 7 Gypsies stuff from Peachy Cheap this week.
I purchased my first two cricut cartridges on EBAY... I won Home Accents and Stamping Solutions. Can't wait to use them!!!

I love online shopping.. I really shouldn't though. Ebay is my FAVE.

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