Getting ready...

At my house right now we are getting ready for tricks and treats! Harper is dressed up as Madeline, and I am dressing up at Miss Clavel. I finally took pictures of my most recent scrapbook pages, and I am posting those online tonight before I FINALLY start writing my paper that is due tomorrow! OMG.. I am going to cry; this is going to be a long night after our little trick or treater goes nigh-nigh :)

I love my weekends (even if they are too short). I love my family. Everyday I am thankful.

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Costume is On

Okay, so finally I have a free moment at work. Here is a picture of me as Jeanette from Alvin and the Chipmunks! Enjoy!

Halloween is Coming!

It's time for Tricks and Treats this weekend!!

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but this is Harper's second Halloween, and she turns 18 months old today!! Halfway to 2 years!! I can't believe that my baby is growing up to fast and so beautifully every day!! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderfully, fantastic kid in my life. This Halloween Harper is Madeline! She is literally obsessed with that film and books, so any time you mention Madeline in our house, Harper finds her Madeline in London book, and she goes straight to the TV to turn on her movie! She watches this movie (or rather bits of it) at least 1 time per week; it is her guilty pleasure!

Today is Harper's Halloween party at her school, so I made some yummy cookies last night for the toddler classroom, and Gavin burnt a BUNCH of them (sadly, they had to be thrown out), but it was sweet that he was even trying to help me at all. I was working on a project for school last night, wrapping up a discussion, and studying for a quiz that I am taking Saturday morning. I think tonight after Harper goes to sleep I am going to catch up on ALL of the TV that I haven't watched this week (because I've been busy studying for EVERYTHING) -- I am going to watch, Sister Wives, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, The Big C, Weeds and ... well I don't think there is anything else! I pretty much stick to the movie channels, can ya tell?

Any how...

Today I am dressed up for our Halloween party for Charity!! Every year we decorate the office and dress up to raise money for local charities, and this year we decided to do Cartoon >advising< Network. We are a student advising office, so every year we make something related to advising!!

This year we have employees dressed up as Olive Oyl, Space Ghost, Rainbow Brite, 2 Lilo's (from Lilo & Stitch), Sylvester (from Looney Tunes), Daphne (from Scooby-Do), Elmer Fudd, Popeye, and I am Jeanette (a chipette from Alvin and the Chipmunks)!

Here is my Madeline Girl:

Happy Halloween, and I will update more pictures later!!

My Designs!

Okay ya'll, so I really don't do this enough (update my blog with my creative junk) :), so I am going to post a whole slew of stuff that I've made this year.

I will be taking pictures this weekend for sure of some new stuff because I know that I'll have a bit of free time to take/edit some pictures for all my lovely blog followers!!!

Here is just a little bit of what I can do! Enjoy!

October is busy.

It is the month of October, and it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I feel my boobies all the time. I love them, and I feel them not because I want them to be healthy, but because I generally just like them. A good friend of mine calls them my fat bags, but I love them and look at them more like fun bags or milk bags (for 9 months at least)!

Well anyway, it is just coincidental that the month that I realize that I have a lump in my breast just happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness month. Odd it seems. That out of 12 months in the year, I would find a lump in my boob, the same month that is Cancer Awareness. IT is really just MY luck! Most things like this happen to me this way.

So about 4 weeks ago I had a normal woman's health check up. Everything was normal, felt normal and test came out normal. Well later that week I started getting pain in my breasts, and particularly in my Right Girl. Well I figured it was due to menstruation, and the pain was due to me starting very soon. After I started my period though my Right breast was still pretty tender and the large lump was still there. I figured well maybe my hormones just haven't adjusted yet, so I watched it for a few more days. Well I'm not having the 'bleeds' anymore, and I still have a lump in my Right Breast. At least half an inch long if not longer and about 3 centimeters wide. It is not too painful, but it is tender to the touch and physical manipulation of the boob. Well it just aches afterwards (you know poking and prodding). At this point, I don't really think too much of it, but my husband is worried and wants me to get checked, so I set up an appointment and met with my Nurse Practitioner yesterday afternoon.

She says that because of my age (24) that it is probably a Breast Fibroadenoma. It is more or less a fibrous benign tumor. So I get to see a Breast Specialist to get my mammary examined in a couple of months, and then if it is this Fibroadenoma, then I will watch it to make sure that it doesn't grow any larger, and when or if it does, discuss having it removed in a few years.

Lovely. So I am not upset nor worried about this whole thing, but I wanted to let others know about this, and I want women to FEEL their boobies! I love mine, and it kind of makes me sad to think that I have a mass in there that I might need removed one day and how that is going to make my breasts look. Superficial I know, but I am pretty happy with my body overall and don't want it to change, but at the same time I want to take precautions for the future of my Girls, and I don't want to 'look' any lumpier that I already do :)

Anyways just heed my warning gals. I am 24, in great health and great shape; I am a full time student and work full time. I have tons of homework and don't have time to even think about myself because I'm constantly thinking about other people, and I don't give myself a ton of attention, but I know my breasts, and I had a lumpy scare! So please FEEL your girls, all the time. I know I do mine! Give them the love and attention they need, and they will give you love and attention back :) and they will be healthier for it in the long run.

If you feel something different, don't be afraid to talk to your practitioner about it, especially if:

* You have a lump and it changes
* You feel a new breast lump
* You have changes in the breast that are not affected by the menstrual cycle

Crazy, Hectic Kind of Week

Today is only Monday, and I am seriously dreading this week. Not only is it busy at work with students finally being able to sign up for classes, but it is mid-semester, and I am overloaded with TONS of school work.

I have an exam this evening.
I have to put together a power point this week.
I have to do 2 discussions this week.
I have to write a paper this week.
I have to take an exam on Wednesday.
I have a Quiz due by Saturday morning.
I have to READ gobs of stuff! I mean gobs!!
And I want to find time to take pictures of my scrappy stuff and email it to Devon for the Catch the Moments Design Team Contest that ends on Monday.
Saturday I AM taking Harper to a pumpkin patch too!

Plus other stuff at work is going on... Halloween Bake Sale Thursday and Friday and my daughter's Halloween Party at her school! This week I AM one BUSY Mama!!!!

Hey Ya'll -- New Kit Club

Catch the Moments Kits, is a new kit club out there for us scrapbookers on a budget!! Devon (the kit club owner) is offering a SWEET giveaway on her blog today, so you should definitely check out her blog, but also check out her shop on Etsy!

Now CHECK them OUT!!! I've already ordered the Festive kit from her, and I expect it any day now for my 2010 Christmas album!!

Here are a couple of kits she is offering on Etsy, so you have an idea of some of the brands she carries!

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Right Now!

Right now I am counting down the minutes till I can go home and study!!

I have 3 exams this week, yikes! I have a quiz due on Thursday. Coworkers (my friends) are coming over for dinner on Saturday, Sunday I have an exam. Monday I have an exam, and Wednesday I have another exam. Not to mention, I am applying for a Design Team spot for Catch the Moments Kit Club, and I have a paper to write before Nov. 1st. Eek!! Also... I am dissecting a cat and studying its muscles tomorrow evening. Don't you love Anatomy and Physiology? I do!

Well catch ya later folks. I'm leaving in exactly 3 minutes!!!

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Got a New Do!

So for those of you who know me... I never get my hair cut. I get it cut maybe 1 time per year, and that's usually when I go to San Antonio to visit my Uncle Jeff, who does beautiful work with hair?!

Anyhow. Yesterday I decided on a whim that I was going to chop off my hair a la Kiera Knightley, see pic...

Well went with that hair style, but I had some modifications... it's just a tad bit longer, past the chin but not quite shoulder lenghth. I probably cut off 5 inches of hair or so. However I love it, and I think it looks amazing. I also got a dye job and some highlights! This was a BIG treat for me because I haven't dyed my hair in a REALLY long time! It's great to have silky soft hair again!! Thank you Christie at Salon LaPage you did such a great job on my coiff! I just adore it!

Getting Back on the Wagon :)


So most of you know that I've been extremely busy with school, work and family, so I've been very bad about couponing; I haven't time to search for deals, cut and organize coupons and actually use them... I've been just plain overwhelmed for the last two months. So... I am starting over. I dumped all of my old expired coupons in the recycle bin yesterday evening. I purchased 2 news papers and got some coupons from Coupons . Then I looked at the ads, made my plan of escape and I distributed my coupons into my coupon organizer.

I got some really great deals today, and I want to share them with you... in total today I spent $25 out of pocket, but I got a lot of stuff from Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. Here's my shopping list, and an idea what what I spent and which coupons I used...

2 Reach Toothbrushes: B1G1 Free, used 2$1/1 from = Free
1 Jumbo Huggies: $8.99 w/ RR $2, used $2.50/1 from = $4.49 w/ RR
2 Edge Shave Cream: 2 for $4, used B1G1 free from = $1 each ($2 total)
2 Right Guard Deodorant: B1G1 Free, used $3/2 from = $.74 each ($1.49 total)

1 Jumbo Pampers Cruisers: $8.99, used $.50 Pamper's coupon & $4 ECB that I had = $4.49
2 Irish Spring body wash: B1G1 Free = $2.49 each
1 Bag of Bach Candy Corn: $.99, used $.99/1 CVS coupon = Free
1 Dawn Olay Hand Renewal: $.97, used $1.00/1 Homemade Simple coupon = Free

All in all today was a great day to pick up some products from Walgreens and CVS! I hope that you guys/gals get you some cheap goodies!!

Please, please Nominate Me!

Okay... so all of you peeps out there know that I am really into scrapbooking! Well there is one scrapbooking brand in particular that I love to use on every LO. It is Cosmo Cricket, and they are looking for a Design Team member for the month of November only, which is great for me!! I would love the opportunity to share my stuff with others and to be part of a design team for a BRAND that I ADORE!!!

So please nominate me for the November Design Team spot on their blog, here is the link!

Thanks ya'll for helping me make my dreams a reality!!!

-Gabi Watson from Savannah, TX