Getting Back on the Wagon :)


So most of you know that I've been extremely busy with school, work and family, so I've been very bad about couponing; I haven't time to search for deals, cut and organize coupons and actually use them... I've been just plain overwhelmed for the last two months. So... I am starting over. I dumped all of my old expired coupons in the recycle bin yesterday evening. I purchased 2 news papers and got some coupons from Coupons . Then I looked at the ads, made my plan of escape and I distributed my coupons into my coupon organizer.

I got some really great deals today, and I want to share them with you... in total today I spent $25 out of pocket, but I got a lot of stuff from Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. Here's my shopping list, and an idea what what I spent and which coupons I used...

2 Reach Toothbrushes: B1G1 Free, used 2$1/1 from = Free
1 Jumbo Huggies: $8.99 w/ RR $2, used $2.50/1 from = $4.49 w/ RR
2 Edge Shave Cream: 2 for $4, used B1G1 free from = $1 each ($2 total)
2 Right Guard Deodorant: B1G1 Free, used $3/2 from = $.74 each ($1.49 total)

1 Jumbo Pampers Cruisers: $8.99, used $.50 Pamper's coupon & $4 ECB that I had = $4.49
2 Irish Spring body wash: B1G1 Free = $2.49 each
1 Bag of Bach Candy Corn: $.99, used $.99/1 CVS coupon = Free
1 Dawn Olay Hand Renewal: $.97, used $1.00/1 Homemade Simple coupon = Free

All in all today was a great day to pick up some products from Walgreens and CVS! I hope that you guys/gals get you some cheap goodies!!

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