Got a New Do!

So for those of you who know me... I never get my hair cut. I get it cut maybe 1 time per year, and that's usually when I go to San Antonio to visit my Uncle Jeff, who does beautiful work with hair?!

Anyhow. Yesterday I decided on a whim that I was going to chop off my hair a la Kiera Knightley, see pic...

Well went with that hair style, but I had some modifications... it's just a tad bit longer, past the chin but not quite shoulder lenghth. I probably cut off 5 inches of hair or so. However I love it, and I think it looks amazing. I also got a dye job and some highlights! This was a BIG treat for me because I haven't dyed my hair in a REALLY long time! It's great to have silky soft hair again!! Thank you Christie at Salon LaPage you did such a great job on my coiff! I just adore it!

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