It's busy.

At work, that's all I'll say today.

We went to bed at 8 last night, that's how tired everyone was after our busy day. Class was canceled, but it was so nice just to go home and go to bed. Gavin was very sick last night, and that is bad. He threw up all night long. Harper has goopy green stuff coming out of her nose, took her to the doc yesterday, and she's getting an ear infection, so he put her on antibiotics, poor little baby.

Totally busy at work with registration. I need to start thinking about this big research paper in my Aging class, and I have a test next Monday, super.

Too much....

Life's been a little overwhelming lately...
-Huge paper due on Monday
-Midterm the Monday after that
-3 down and 20 readings to go for that test (eek!)
-Harper's 1st bday is coming up fast!
-PTA planting project at Fred Moore Day Nursery
-Painting project at Fred Moore Day Nursery
-Needs to go grocery shopping
-Needs to pick up the planters this week and have them painted by next week
-Needs to study, study, study, read, read, read, write, write, write, and still maintain my mommyness, cleanliness, workliness, and everything.
-Dinner with parents Saturday evening
-And I want to express myself creatively when I have some time to kill my stress just a bit
-Bills to pay
-Just bought a primitive antique bench that we need to haul back to our house sometime this weekend preferably next.
-Gavin's transmission is acting up again. It's getting stuck in gear 1. Nice.

Is it Friday yet?

So it's the beginning of the week, and yesterday was the first day back at school for students. It was so crazy busy. I mean BUSY with a capital B! I got a lot of envelopes done though.

Gavin went to the doctor. We thought for sure he had a Kidney infection because he's been feeling pretty crappy lately, back hurting, nausea every time he eats, overall fatigue and other stuff. Well he went to the doctor, and Dr. Barrus says that there is blood in his urine, so he's going back in 3 weeks to get another urine sample. He's not having any pain during urination, so the doctor thinks that it's either nothing or something kind of serious. We will see if the Hematuria goes away at the next appt, and if it does then he's in the clear, and if it doesn't he's off to a Urologist.

Harper's gifts are coming along great. We picked up a small bag of Pink Mega Blocks this weekend at Target since they were on special for $8, what a steal!? She will be very happy with her new toys.

I donated some toys to Harper's school that I found a thrift store, they were in excellent condition, and I know the infants room will be delighted to have some new toys! Harper's school needs some new paint, so I'm going to see if there is a group on campus that needs volunteer hours. They need the hallway painted and two of the classrooms painted. We also need help sprucing up the front of the building. We need to pull the weeds, attack them with some roundup and plant some lovely flowers and grass.

The schools new director is doing some much to get the school extra funds and state money. He's doing a much better job than the old director!! Changes are sometimes a really good thing!!!

Flower Planters Needed...

This weekend I had plans to pick up some needed flower pots from local Dentonites to donate to Harper's school, Fred Moore Day Nursery.

As part of the newly established PTA our first project is to spruce of the front of the school with beautiful flowers.

If you are in Frisco or Denton, and you have old flower pots that need a new coat of paint and a new home, then let me know, and I will pick them up one weekend and clean them up and send them to their new home at Fred Moore Day Nursery, a non profit dacyare run through the United Way of Denton.



Updated Pictures of my Scrap Room...

I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my creative place!

It's Wednesday already!

Well I'm back at work as of yesterday. I didn't spend much time on the blogs yesterday, so now I'm playing catch up. I posted pics or my scrappin' space on the Scrap Freak message boards. If you want to take a little peek check the pics out here:
Feb. 2010 & Scrap Space

This weekend was extra wonderful.

Friday was a day of shopping for new clothes for Spring, Summer and work!
I lucked out with 4 dresses, 1 coral cardigan, 3 pairs of slacks, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of knit shorts, 2 tanks, and 1 cotton tee. Gavin made out like a bandit too.
We started on buying Harper's birthday gifts. We hooked little Miss up with an easy to open and close umbrella stroller by Cosco. It's the best investment we ever made!

Then Saturday we spent most of the day at the flea market where I picked up some 800 Thread Count sheets for $20 (a steal even if they are kind of thin), 4 locker baskets for $20, and we looked at countless things that we'd like to refinish and restore.

On Sunday we just hung out all day because Harper had a SUPER long night. I was up with her till 6 AM because she was tossing and turning from a back tummy ache. I think she had too many nilla wafers at the Flea Market.

Monday was a relaxing day in the beginning for Harper and me. Even though I was running around the house cleaning up and stuff. I went to the doctor for a 2nd opinion on my asthma and she prescribed me advair and another rescue inhaler. She instructed me to keep taking my Allegra-D twice a day to cut back on my asthma attacks.

Tuesday I went back to work, and I took care of some stuff at lunch. I made a lot of envelopes as usual, and thankfully the phones and stuff wasn't so bad.

We will see how today goes. H

appy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Happy Birthday little Henry today you are 8! I hope that your new family is planning to celebrate!

On this most lovely of Fridays...

We woke up a the butt crack of dawn as usual with Harper. She wakes up promptly at the same time everyday! She is most definitely a morning person, and this should do her very well in life especially in school and any career that she chooses to pursue.

We ate breakfast. Eggy in a was yum, yummy. Mama put together diced cheese, fruit and scrambled eggs for Harper on the table. She didn't really like the combination much, and she really wanted to eat chocolate pudding, but even though she fussed I did not relent, and that is the beginning of teaching Harper than crying and fussing does not get you what you want in the long run. We have much better ways to communicate.

To add to the birthday list yesterday I have decided to pick Harper up a Baby Sign Language DVD, so that Harper may learn to better express herself and cut down on tantrums in the future since she doesn't really have tantrums now.

Right now my sleeping beauty is having a lovely AM nappy noo, and I am dying my hair 'chocolate velvet.' It is a dark brown color, and that is usually my forte. Eventually I would love to step outside of the box and do highlights or dye it red like I used to do when I was a young single gal, but for now.... it's brown. Us mom's have to keep it kind of real, right?

Today we got our tax refund, and THANK the LORD ALMIGHTY. We sure needed the money. Today we are going to do a tad bit of shopping then. I desperately need work clothes (pants), and I need at least 2 pairs of shorts for summer. To the mall we go or maybe we will go to Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross to find some name brand clothes for cheap, cheap, and today I think we are going to get Harper an umbrella stroller. Something that is easy. Her stroller can be such a pain at times, and she can't sit up all the way in it because it doesn't sit up that tall. She likes to sit up straight. I am so glad that she has perfect posture unlike her Mama and Dada.

"Sweet pea, apple of my eye..." - Amos Lee

I love that song.

Feels Like Friday

Today I've been online shopping while answering phones at work. I have decided to get Harper some new toys for her little first birthday. Here's the official birthday list:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Pound-A-Pag $10

Parents Magazine Bee Bop Band $33

Money Savvy Pig $18

Girly Mega Blocks $19

I know she will love all these toys, and her Abuelita and Grandpa Kronenberger are going to get her a convertible car seat! What wonderful grandparents she has?!

Mini-Album Download...

I got this in an email from Oh My Crafts, an online scrapbook store, and I thought I would share it with all my readers!

This is a free download of the 2009 Mini Albums Idea Book by Scrapbook Trends, and I love me some mini-albums. I created my first set of mini-albums as Xmas gifts for Harper's Grandpa Kevin and her Granny Pam and Papa Jim. I know they loved them, and for being my first attempt at creating a chipboard album, I thought they turned out beautifully. I will have to share them soon.

Enjoy this link!!

Super Glad

I'm super glad that today is Wednesday; tomorrow being Thursday since Thursday always follows Wednesday is technically my Friday, and I am taking a much needed 4-day weekend off of work. If only I had the time saved up I would've asked for all of Spring Break off, but that's okay. I'm going to use my time off to spend a lazy day at a local Flea Market and I will spend the weekend getting caught up on homework and working on this darn mid-term for my aging class.

Gavin and I had a spat last night, so did Harper. I think we were all feeling a little overwhelmed for some reason. Harper was extremely fussy yesterday evening. She just wanted to be held all evening. She didn't even enjoy her bath as much as she normally does. Gavin and I fought about who was going to the store to pick up more formula for Harper's school. Silly I know, but we are all just at our breaking points I guess.

Just glad that night and fight is over with. Gavin came home, finished putting together our chairs, finished writing a paper for class after watching an episode of our favorite show Lost, and Harper was finally down for the count after MUCH coaxing on our parts.

Today I'm at work well as usual. I'm about to make envelopes as usual. I'm answering phones as usual, and at lunch today I'm going to the Union where I am going to work on the never-ending mid-term I have for aging.

Call me Tuesday.

I made a 96 on my Sociology of Sexualities test. I am working on my 3 paper mid-term for my Sociology of Aging course. I don't know how I am going to do it with the little time that I have already for all of my classes, but next semester my goal is to go full time. After we get our tax refund this Friday I'm going to get paperwork from Jim and Pam so that I can file my fafsa. I really want to just be done with school already, and I know that if I set my mind to it, I CAN go full time, and I CAN still pull ALL A's. If I can accomplish make all A's in the rest of my 2-3 semesters then I will have a 3.5 gpa at least, now if I talk with my advisor and maybe hang out for another semester I bet I could duplicate a couple of classes that I made C's in when I first started school here.

When I first came to the university, I didn't have the same ambition and determination that I have now. I had goals, but I didn't have the right study habits and I partied a lot, forsaking my homework for a good time. But now I am not like that. I know what GPA I need to have to graduate with more than just honors. I want to have a good career, and I want to go into the medical field. I know that I can easily succeed in this field, but they won't even look at me if my GPA is not above a 3.7 for sure.

I can do it!

Monday Madness and Little Ghosties...

Well this weekend was great.

I will make a list instead of paragraph form because well...that gets me through it a little fast.

-Alice in Wonderland 3D at Movie Tavern: Great food, great friends, good family movie.
-Got home and went straight to bed after the movie. Me very sleepy.
-Woke up Saturday morning at 7 AM, thanks Harper.
-Ate Lucky Charms for BFast.
-Took Josie to the groomer.
-Daddy, Harper and I walked around the square for a few hours. Bought chocolate, books and lace, whee.
-Visited the in-laws for a little while.
-Went home.
-Gavin picked up Josie from the groomer.
-Harper napped, and I visited my madre at the Slop Crop.
-Ate Panda Express with my mom.
-Went home and went to bed pretty much.
-Sunday woke up at 7 AM, thanks Harper. No wonder I got to bed at 9 every night.
-Ate BFast. Fed Harper.
-Lounged about.
-Watched TV, the Real World sucks just so you all know.
-Lounged. Rearranged my scrap room a bit.
-Harper nappied.
-Watched Harper's home videos from when she was 1 week old up till just the other day. It's amazing how much they CHANGE in the first year. AMAZING!
-Granny, Papa, and Aunt Stephanie came to visit that afternoon.
-Gavin made a lovely dinner.
-Watched the 7 PM Tudors and 8 PM Season Finale of Big Love, OMG. Loved it.
-Went to bed.
-Woke up at 2:30AM to Harper's toys making lots of music and talking in her room. I think it's little ghosties and couldn't get back to sleep until after 4AM this morning. Harper woke up from the all the commotion, and we talked, rocked, and just held each other's hands. I love my girl SO much. I just can't believe everyday that she's in my life.

Now it's Monday. I'm sitting at my desk. I've already checked all of my emails, Ebay, ScrapFreak, Facebook, all the scrapbook steal/day sites, grades for online, bank account, etc. Now I'm about to update my calendar for the next few months, and I'm going to work a bit on something and start studying for this 3 paper midterm due at the end of next week, icky. Feeling slightly sleep deprived from last night. I have class tonight, and my dining room chairs are FINALLY being delivered to our house today! Thank you JCPenney. I can't wait to set up all my new dining room chairs!

Baby I'm Amazed...

At the way I love you all the time.

I feel great today. Today is a beautiful day. I have on size 2 pants!! I haven't worn size 2 anything since well 2005 or 2006. You don't know how good this makes me feel! I know I've lost a lot of weight these last 10 months since Harper was born. I haven't worked out a bit either. I feel that breastfeeding, proper food portions and drinking tons of water have helped me shed the pounds, and I feel great. Since I got under 125 lbs I haven't had any more cysts either, and that is AMAZING. I really feel that I was having health problems because I was 'overweight' according to my height and stature. I'm 5'3/4". At my very heaviest before Harper was born I was 140. I lost a bunch of weight got down to 125, and the week I found out I was pregnant with Harper I was at 130. I gained 30 lbs in pregnancy weight, and after 4 weeks of being at home with Harper after she was born I was at 130 again. Since then I've been losing weight slowly but surely through breastfeeding, drinking water and diet restrictions. I don't work out, but I think that working at UNT and walking around in heels up hill, down hill, up stairs, down stairs, all around really helped me tone my tush up some and lose more weight. Plus a few weeks ago I got very, very sick and lost 5 lbs because I couldn't keep any foods down. I'm glad to say that right now I float between 115 and 118. Whee! And that is in the 'normal' weight category for me. Thanks Heavens!

Enough of that. Harper is getting so big. Yesterday Gavin and I made a video of Harper walking on her hands and feet like a cat. It's between crawling and walking. Haha. It was the cutest thing. She loves her finger foods. Last night she ate eggs, pancakes (no syrup) and fruit. What a yummy little meal?! She drinks out of a sippy cup as long as it has a soft lid, and she loves cruising around. She should be taking her first steps any day now. She loves exploring, reading books, listening to music, clapping her hands, saying all kinds of stuff, giving kisses, high fives, dancing, jumping in her crib, chewing on a binky, rubbing the edge of her satins blanky, waving hello and bye-bye, patting her hand on her mouth and saying Aw-Aw-Aww. She will make the perfect little Indian princess for Halloween :D

I just love her more than words can express, and she amazes me everyday with her new talents. She is amazing.

I love her and I love my life with her in it.

I have a BIG midterm that's due in two weeks. That means writing 3 papers, eek. I should get my grades for my first test in Sociology of Sexuality (great class, great professor). We have big things coming our way this year, we'll see what this years brings!


I bought tickets for Gavin, me, Tameka and her daugther Ty to all watch a movie and eat dinner at the Movie Tavern this Friday night. It should be fun; we're going to see Alice in Wonderland!

Teehee, boy oh boy!

So I need to get back in the business...

Of this blog thing. Haha.

Lately I've been overwhelmed with financial issues, school, work and well the likes, and I haven't had any energy above and beyond my other duties (mothering, schooling, working...wifing...) to be even the slightest bit crafty.

Well I am trying to get back into the habit of things. I am MAKING time to be crafty because this is my OUTLET. It's not only my creative outlet, but the way I channel indifference, aggression (did you know that testosterone is not the aggression hormone, but estrogen is...just thought I'd share), love, stress, and well lots of emotions and kind of feel like a little too much at times.

I started a new project. I am making my very first pillowcase dress. I'm starting with some scrap fabric that I have. I have plans to make a beautiful pillowcase dress for Harper's first birthday party that will be May 1st. My baby girl is turning one! OMG. That makes me feel depressed. However I am excited to be planning this little birthday bash with our family.

So far I've began making a pillowcase dress, and I am working on her invitations. I will take pics and post them because I have a new 50 mm 1.8 Canon lens and bayonette hood. It's just well WONDER-MOUS!

I reorganized my scrap room, and it's lovely. I'll take pics of that too.

I am going to start going to crops again soon, whee!

And we are getting a nice tax refund in. Thank the Lord! Prayer works people.

Here's a list of things I need to stock up on for my upcoming crop in July:
- Glue Glider Pro Refills
- 2 AC D-Ring Binders (50% off this week at BL)
- 4 packs of AC Top Load Refills
- Order Autumn pic, Christmas pics, crawling pics, cruising pics, gift pics and all the pics in between. That's a lot of pics!