Too much....

Life's been a little overwhelming lately...
-Huge paper due on Monday
-Midterm the Monday after that
-3 down and 20 readings to go for that test (eek!)
-Harper's 1st bday is coming up fast!
-PTA planting project at Fred Moore Day Nursery
-Painting project at Fred Moore Day Nursery
-Needs to go grocery shopping
-Needs to pick up the planters this week and have them painted by next week
-Needs to study, study, study, read, read, read, write, write, write, and still maintain my mommyness, cleanliness, workliness, and everything.
-Dinner with parents Saturday evening
-And I want to express myself creatively when I have some time to kill my stress just a bit
-Bills to pay
-Just bought a primitive antique bench that we need to haul back to our house sometime this weekend preferably next.
-Gavin's transmission is acting up again. It's getting stuck in gear 1. Nice.

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