It's Wednesday already!

Well I'm back at work as of yesterday. I didn't spend much time on the blogs yesterday, so now I'm playing catch up. I posted pics or my scrappin' space on the Scrap Freak message boards. If you want to take a little peek check the pics out here:
Feb. 2010 & Scrap Space

This weekend was extra wonderful.

Friday was a day of shopping for new clothes for Spring, Summer and work!
I lucked out with 4 dresses, 1 coral cardigan, 3 pairs of slacks, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of knit shorts, 2 tanks, and 1 cotton tee. Gavin made out like a bandit too.
We started on buying Harper's birthday gifts. We hooked little Miss up with an easy to open and close umbrella stroller by Cosco. It's the best investment we ever made!

Then Saturday we spent most of the day at the flea market where I picked up some 800 Thread Count sheets for $20 (a steal even if they are kind of thin), 4 locker baskets for $20, and we looked at countless things that we'd like to refinish and restore.

On Sunday we just hung out all day because Harper had a SUPER long night. I was up with her till 6 AM because she was tossing and turning from a back tummy ache. I think she had too many nilla wafers at the Flea Market.

Monday was a relaxing day in the beginning for Harper and me. Even though I was running around the house cleaning up and stuff. I went to the doctor for a 2nd opinion on my asthma and she prescribed me advair and another rescue inhaler. She instructed me to keep taking my Allegra-D twice a day to cut back on my asthma attacks.

Tuesday I went back to work, and I took care of some stuff at lunch. I made a lot of envelopes as usual, and thankfully the phones and stuff wasn't so bad.

We will see how today goes. H

appy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Happy Birthday little Henry today you are 8! I hope that your new family is planning to celebrate!

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