Super Glad

I'm super glad that today is Wednesday; tomorrow being Thursday since Thursday always follows Wednesday is technically my Friday, and I am taking a much needed 4-day weekend off of work. If only I had the time saved up I would've asked for all of Spring Break off, but that's okay. I'm going to use my time off to spend a lazy day at a local Flea Market and I will spend the weekend getting caught up on homework and working on this darn mid-term for my aging class.

Gavin and I had a spat last night, so did Harper. I think we were all feeling a little overwhelmed for some reason. Harper was extremely fussy yesterday evening. She just wanted to be held all evening. She didn't even enjoy her bath as much as she normally does. Gavin and I fought about who was going to the store to pick up more formula for Harper's school. Silly I know, but we are all just at our breaking points I guess.

Just glad that night and fight is over with. Gavin came home, finished putting together our chairs, finished writing a paper for class after watching an episode of our favorite show Lost, and Harper was finally down for the count after MUCH coaxing on our parts.

Today I'm at work well as usual. I'm about to make envelopes as usual. I'm answering phones as usual, and at lunch today I'm going to the Union where I am going to work on the never-ending mid-term I have for aging.

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