On this most lovely of Fridays...

We woke up a the butt crack of dawn as usual with Harper. She wakes up promptly at the same time everyday! She is most definitely a morning person, and this should do her very well in life especially in school and any career that she chooses to pursue.

We ate breakfast. Eggy in a basket..it was yum, yummy. Mama put together diced cheese, fruit and scrambled eggs for Harper on the table. She didn't really like the combination much, and she really wanted to eat chocolate pudding, but even though she fussed I did not relent, and that is the beginning of teaching Harper than crying and fussing does not get you what you want in the long run. We have much better ways to communicate.

To add to the birthday list yesterday I have decided to pick Harper up a Baby Sign Language DVD, so that Harper may learn to better express herself and cut down on tantrums in the future since she doesn't really have tantrums now.

Right now my sleeping beauty is having a lovely AM nappy noo, and I am dying my hair 'chocolate velvet.' It is a dark brown color, and that is usually my forte. Eventually I would love to step outside of the box and do highlights or dye it red like I used to do when I was a young single gal, but for now.... it's brown. Us mom's have to keep it kind of real, right?

Today we got our tax refund, and THANK the LORD ALMIGHTY. We sure needed the money. Today we are going to do a tad bit of shopping then. I desperately need work clothes (pants), and I need at least 2 pairs of shorts for summer. To the mall we go or maybe we will go to Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross to find some name brand clothes for cheap, cheap, and today I think we are going to get Harper an umbrella stroller. Something that is easy. Her stroller can be such a pain at times, and she can't sit up all the way in it because it doesn't sit up that tall. She likes to sit up straight. I am so glad that she has perfect posture unlike her Mama and Dada.

"Sweet pea, apple of my eye..." - Amos Lee

I love that song.

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