Baby I'm Amazed...

At the way I love you all the time.

I feel great today. Today is a beautiful day. I have on size 2 pants!! I haven't worn size 2 anything since well 2005 or 2006. You don't know how good this makes me feel! I know I've lost a lot of weight these last 10 months since Harper was born. I haven't worked out a bit either. I feel that breastfeeding, proper food portions and drinking tons of water have helped me shed the pounds, and I feel great. Since I got under 125 lbs I haven't had any more cysts either, and that is AMAZING. I really feel that I was having health problems because I was 'overweight' according to my height and stature. I'm 5'3/4". At my very heaviest before Harper was born I was 140. I lost a bunch of weight got down to 125, and the week I found out I was pregnant with Harper I was at 130. I gained 30 lbs in pregnancy weight, and after 4 weeks of being at home with Harper after she was born I was at 130 again. Since then I've been losing weight slowly but surely through breastfeeding, drinking water and diet restrictions. I don't work out, but I think that working at UNT and walking around in heels up hill, down hill, up stairs, down stairs, all around really helped me tone my tush up some and lose more weight. Plus a few weeks ago I got very, very sick and lost 5 lbs because I couldn't keep any foods down. I'm glad to say that right now I float between 115 and 118. Whee! And that is in the 'normal' weight category for me. Thanks Heavens!

Enough of that. Harper is getting so big. Yesterday Gavin and I made a video of Harper walking on her hands and feet like a cat. It's between crawling and walking. Haha. It was the cutest thing. She loves her finger foods. Last night she ate eggs, pancakes (no syrup) and fruit. What a yummy little meal?! She drinks out of a sippy cup as long as it has a soft lid, and she loves cruising around. She should be taking her first steps any day now. She loves exploring, reading books, listening to music, clapping her hands, saying all kinds of stuff, giving kisses, high fives, dancing, jumping in her crib, chewing on a binky, rubbing the edge of her satins blanky, waving hello and bye-bye, patting her hand on her mouth and saying Aw-Aw-Aww. She will make the perfect little Indian princess for Halloween :D

I just love her more than words can express, and she amazes me everyday with her new talents. She is amazing.

I love her and I love my life with her in it.

I have a BIG midterm that's due in two weeks. That means writing 3 papers, eek. I should get my grades for my first test in Sociology of Sexuality (great class, great professor). We have big things coming our way this year, we'll see what this years brings!

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