{to a simple 2013}

Last year I made a resolution to myself to live more simply. I did so amazing for the first half of the year. Then we moved into a new home, had a baby, and things got more complex.

This year I resolve to live simple again.  Cut out the excess in life; who needs it? I know that my family and I can live without it.

In 2013 I resolve to:

Create Homemade Meals - This has always been tough for me, but now that I am taking the semester off from school and will begin paying back those student loans, I think it is high time that I make real use of my kitchen, crock pot, stove, and oven.  Right now we are getting the oven fixed, and when it's done I'm going to be a baking queen.  Preparing meals at home will make it much easier to enjoy family time and help save money.

Learn to Cook - To go along with making dinner at home, I am going to learn some new recipes and try to cook from scratch. I made a delicious Broccoli and Cheese soup the other night from scratch, and it was pretty easy! I plan to make time for real dinner at my house. That means fewer chicken nugget meals and dinners out for this family!

Read for Pleasure - For the past 8 years I've had my head stuck in textbooks.  Now that I'm done with school and taking a small break from my master's, I am FINALLY reading books that I WANT to read.  I just finished The Turning: What Curiousity Kills by Helen Ellis, and I am currently reading the Hunger Games. Yes I've jumped on that bandwagon.

Have Date Night - I will make more time for my husband.  It is so hard for us to have alone time; the kids sleep in our room, so you know what I am talking about, right? Well I think it is important for us to have nights to ourselves, to enjoy each other's company alone every once in a while. I plan to enjoy my sweet husband a little more and get to know him better, even if it is just one night each month, dinner and a movie or a fun date.

Bring Back Game Night - Gavin and I used to love hosting game night when our friends came to town.  Well since I got pregnant at we moved we haven't hosted a game night in a long time.  We have the perfect home for hosting since it is so large, and well I want to see my friends more often!! Game night is back, and we will get started in January!

Save Money -  We need to replenish our savings this year from the toll it took last year.  We have a long way to go to get it back where it was but I have a feeling that we can do it. I want to pay down the little debt that we have and help us to stay on track with needs not wants.  It will be so nice to give ourselves a small allowance to work with and then everything else to daycare, bills, groceries, house, savings, etc.

Rediscover Couponing - I used to be a coupon master, and then life got crazy and I had less and less time to spend on couponing.  Well now I have time. I will make it. In order to make amazing dinners at home, I need to relearn how to coupon correctly and get my grocery budget down from the 600-800 a month it is now to $200 a month it used to be (or less when it was just 3 of us).

Scrapbook - I will make more time for my lovely hobby. I've been great about making time for myself once per month, but this year I really slacked on my hobby. I have such a great scrapbook room and it gets little use. I plan to use it and make at least 2 layout per week.

Take and Print Photos - With that, there are tons of photos from 2012, that I haven't scrapped. I need to get these memories on paper!! I plan to scrap through 2011 and 2012 to get closer to now.

Play with my Babies - I need to slow down and make more time to play with my little ones. They are only little for a small while, and it is so important to play with them and read to them.  I'm going to be a little crazy with my kiddos and take them on small dates.  They will enjoy this, and I know that I will too.

Lose 10 lbs - I am certainly not a dieter, and I don't work out, but I do plan to watch what I eat and drink more water so that I can lose this last 10 lbs that I've been struggling with. Since starting my new job I've lost a few lbs, but since the holidays my clothes are feeling tighter, and I'm feeling pressure to lose this weight. I feel rather unhealthy, and I am not in love with my body right now. Ten lbs should do the trick. It's may not seem like a lot to many, but that is a lot for me. I would rather do so many things than workout or count calories. Don't know how I will manage this weight loss, but it will come.  I am just going to be patient, keep using the stairs, keep watching what I am eating, cut out a few things I should've be eating/drinking, and maybe do a bit of jogging. There is a perfect running trail by my house. I want to compete in a 5k with husband. That is my goal.

Learn Something New - I haven't decided what I am going to learn. I guess I am relearning couponing, but I should learn something new in addition to that. We are planning to makeover some rooms in our home, so maybe I'll learn something in the process! There are lots of projects to be done on this old house! Our first makeover for 2013 will be to paint the kitchen and replace light fixtures. I'm super excited about this!!

Live Simply - Overall my goal for 2013 is to live simply. Simple living is the best, I started out on a track last year, but lost my way. I am finding my way back. The last few weekends have been spend cleaning and reorganizing our house. Our garage is filled to the brim with stuff that needs to go. Part of my simple living philosophy is to save money, learn patience, spend time with the kids, clean out the clutter, repurpose, and slow down.

These are my goals for 2013. I do hope that you all had a blessed 2012 like I did; I am looking forward to what the future holds for me and my family.

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{count me in}

So I am officially on board with the new iPad. I just bought one today after learning about one amazing opportunity that my family and I are about to experience. More details to come soon, and no I am not pregnant.

We had a lovely Halloween despite the lack of trick or treaters. We still have 4 large age of candy. Oh my goodness can I just say that how did I live without an iPad all my life? Seriously...

Anywho... I am off to download apps and do homework. Can't believe it is already November.

Happy early weekend!

With Love,

{happy halloween 2012}

Happy Halloween friends!! I hope that you are planning on having a fun, trick or treating, festive, and safe time today with the youngsters in your family.

My daughter is at school today preparing for her classroom trick or treating and Halloween party later today.  She is dressed as Rapunzel with combat boots; that's my girl :)

Sawyer and Daddy will be dressing up as Walt aka Heisenburg and Jesse from Breaking Bad. Sawyer is Walt, and Daddy is Jesse.

Today, Mama (that's me) is dressed up as Amy Winehouse for our "Rock On with the College of Education" Halloween and Preview Day theme.

Here's a little pic:
So Happy Halloween to all you guys out there!! I hope that you can get out tonight and trick or treat with the kiddos!!

Also, yesterday was the one year anniversary of the death of my grandmother Patricia Strickland.  Although saddened by her unexpected departure, we have many blessings and joys in our life to weather our grief. Thinking of you Gran. Love and miss you!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{happy day}

Today my simple strategy for quick and beautiful layouts was featured on the Citrus Twist Kits blog.  I am a certified queen of simple and quick scrapbook page and spreads as I have such little time to craft!!

Feel free to hop on over to the Citrus Twist blog to see if my simple strategy to quick pages might help you to create beautiful layouts 30 minutes or less.


On a personal note, my family had such a lovely weekend.  Friday night I stayed up till the wee hours in the morning putting together a scrapbook for a good friend who recently had a beatiful baby boy.  When this project is complete, I will be sure to post pictures.  I make a lot of mini scrapbooks for the women in my life who have children; maybe I should start a little business because I really love making these beautiful gifts, and they've become popular commodities amongst my girlfriends, lol.

Saturday my little brood attended Denton's Day of the Dead Festival - it was a lot of fun. There were vendors, music, coffin races, and trunk or treat for the kiddos; they even had a smallish pumpkin patch, so we took a couple pictures of the kids with pumpkins.  Harper was dressed in last year's Cinderella costume with leggings and long sleeves because it got COLD here this weekend, down in the 30s last night!! Isn't it crazy how it can be a high of 87 one day and BITTERLY cold at 35 the next!! Only in Texas :) Sawyer was dressed in his skeleton footie pjs with a skull hat. They rocked their costumes!! Also, Saturday was very busy for me as I took my car in got the oil changed, new wiper blades, new air filter, car wash, and I loaded it up with pumpkins before visiting my parents and relatives for a yummy Mexican fall feast :) we love Mexican food in this family, so we had enchiladas, guacamole, rice, and sopapilla cheesecake.

Sunday we went shopping at the updated JCPenney in Denton, and I was surprised at all the savings :) I seriously got some great warm weather outfits for both kids as Harper had NO warm weather clothes that still fit from last year, and Sawyer, well he's growing like a weed. All for under $100!! All of their blue ticketed items were an additional 30% off, so I got some GREAT deals on their clearence clothing!!

Here are the photos from the layouts I shared on the Simple Stratgeties blog for Citrus Twist Kits :)

Thanks for looking, and have a lovely week!! I know that I will since I'm in charge of getting the kids, house, and homework (finished) in order before our big weekend expedition to Austin/San Antonio!!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{it's getting better all the time}


I feel good about it. I just did it.

I just dropped one of my classes for this semester.  I was enrolled in 6 hours of graduate work, but I was literally breaking my back and going to bed after midnight some nights (during the work week) only to wake up at 5:00 AM the next morning and do it all over again.

My husband made a good point.  What am I trying to prove?  I didn't have an answer for that.  I guess I was just trying to show that I can do it.  I can be a superwoman.  I can raise my kids, spend time with family, scrapbook, do homework, go to work Monday through Friday 7:40 AM to 5:00 PM, get dinner on the table, do the laundry... I can do it all, but I can't At least right now I can't.

I feel like I spend so much time worrying about school and not enough time doing the things I love. Some nights I just want to veg out in front of a movie with my lover - Gavin Watson. And sometimes I just want to draw pictures with my little girl.  Sometimes I just want to nurse my son, not be taking exams, etc.  AND sometimes I want to just sit down and get crafty!

Well now I'm going to. I am down to taking just one class this semester, and I am going to make the the most of it and put forth the effort to do well. Slow and steady wins the race.  Granted it will be a tough go for me bright things are on the horizon. 

Say a little prayer for me that I can be successful in my ONE class this semester.  I just want to focus on living my life, not barely living because I'm so stressed from school because it's always on the back of my mind.

 I will no longer feel guilty for playing rather than studying, and I will no longer feel guilty for studying when I'd rather be playing.

Do you have any obstacles that you are trying to overcome? Right now it's my pride and determination.  For me, honesty is admitting that I AM burned out on school right now.  I know what I want to do with my future, and yes, I need a master's degree to do it, but NOT right away.  I can totally be comfortable in the here and now.  I don't want to miss all the 'little' things going on in my life, especially in regards to my babies.  They grow up in the blink of an eye, and I already feel like I've missed so much with Harper because I was busy with my undergrad during her first 3 years of life.

It's time that I come clean to the world and myself. Thank you for your support my dear friends!!

Stop and Smell the Flowers by Gabrielle Watson - Made with Citrus Twist Kit "Tropical Heat" and patterned paper add on from August
Brads and sticker letters from my personal stash.

Here is a lovely layout of my beautiful girl stopping to smell the flowers and look through windows of the Downtown Denton Square. Maybe I should take a hint from her to just slow down.  Stop and smell the flowers mom :)

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson


My lovely scrapper gals out there know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm jumping on the Project Life bandwagon, except, I'm doing this my own way.

I know that it's about quick and easy memory keeping for everyday.  It's a weekly thing, but I don't want to treat it as such.

My PL will just be a normal scrapbook of everyday events and special times too. I plan to scrap Sawyer's first year  this way. I think this will be GREAT for me, and I can still create LOs in the mean time, but all my photos won't be tied up in boxes anymore.

I found some lovely freebies on Becky Higgin's site, so feel free to download and use them if you are a Project Lifer. Also, the PL Page Protectors are sold on Amazon.

Looking forward to this weekend, I'm going to read, read, read for class, and THEN I'm going to scrapbook!! It's gonna be a LATE night!

With Love,

{past weekend and crops}

This weekend wasn't necessarily busy, but we got a lot of stuff done. 
  • Cleaned the house from top to bottom, literally. I mean from fans to floors.
  • Watched the Avengers
  • Had a mommy-daughter date to see Hotel Transylvania and shopping at TJ Maxx and Old Navy
  • Bought groceries
  • Scrapbooked, a little
  • Visited the library
  • and Studied (how could I forget that...)

I felt accomplished.  Here is a sneak peak of my scrapbook table and layout that I finished this weekend.

So everyone knows that I host monthly crops at my house now.  If you're local and want to sign up, please do... Scrap Happens - North Texas but I also like to travel to crops and retreats.  My favorite local retreats are Memory Lane Inn - McKinney and Elm Street Crafters Retreat - Denton, owned by my good friend Penni Abbot. Today I wanted to share with you a list of what I bring to crops and how I travel in style (or not)!

1. Pictures -  What would I do at crop without my pictures?! I guess make cards. I store mine at home in Iris Photo Keepers, which makes it very easy to see what I have and grab a few of the inserts to bring with me. You can generally get these very cheap at Michaels.
2. Paper Kits or Patterned Paper - I am currently subbing to Citrus Twist Kits, Gossamer Blue, and Scraptastic Kit Club. I keep my kits separated in a Scrapfolio. I have purchased these for cheap at Hobby Lobby. When I'm not traveling solely with kits, like to a retreat, I keep all my patterned paper organized in Iris Containers by brand.
3. Colored Cardstock - At home I store my cardstock by color in display dynamics, but for a crop, I'll keep them separated by color in a Scrapfolio.  Can you tell I love these things?
4. Tools/Adhesive/Pens - I like to keep all of my tools/adhesives/pens in a handy dandy tote with a handle. Right now I'm using a utensil organizer instead of my old bulky tool organizer. The tools I keep with me are: paper trimmer, scissors, journaling pens, white pen, ruler, atg gun, pop dots, glue dots, and a glue pen.
5. Ribbon/Embellishments/Stickers/Thickers - I have a large old Creative Memories tote that my mom gave me. I use it to transport all of my ribbons, embellishments, and rub ons which I keep organized by pattern (ribbon) and brand (embellies) in small ziploc baggies.  I transport my stickers/Thickers in a small Sterilite container.
6. Laptop/Punches/Inspiration Mags - I use my rolling bag to hold my computer, punches, and inspiration folder and magazines. I also put my larger tools in this bag as well, whatever will fit.  Also my inks and cords have a place in the front pocket.  It is a small bag from Michaels. Eventually I might invest in a larger bag with more space or something else, haven't though much about it.
7. Cameo - I just carry my cameo machine! I don't go anywhere without it!

And I think I've got it all covered! Yay!! I hope this list helps you to travel a bit lighter...just maybe. I seems to have lightened the load quite a bit for myself.

Have a lovely Monday!!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{big deal share}

Hello folks,

A little while ago, I was really awesome when it came to finding and sharing stellar deals on stuff! I still find deals, but I've been bad about sharing them with my pals!  Today's share was simply too hard for me to pass up. You can find all the details at MomsbyHeart.net.

Basically www.Stages.com is having a SUPER GREAT online deal, 50% off your entire cart (with code 505050), plus free shipping for orders $50 or greater (before coupon).

I'm trying to stock up on Xmas gifts now for the kiddos since I'll be busy on my research proposal in November and December.  Here is what I got out of this deal today:

Gund Happi Baby Explore and Find Caterpillar
Normally: $16.99, on sale for $12.74
Paid: $6.37

Gund My First Tools Play Set
Normally: $20.00
Paid: $10.00

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle
Normally: $12.99
Paid: $6.49

Play-Doh Fun Factory
Normally: $7.99
Paid: $4.00

With tax I paid a whopping $29 for everything and scored free shipping!!

What a steal! I hope you find a good deal! They sell clothes for Men, Women, Children, and Teens, plus shoes, toys, jewelry, and other great stuff!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{creative space}

Hello again friends!!

After a fun-filled weekend of studying, getting my piggies did, replacing a flat tire, attending a lake front wedding, watching Snow White and the Huntsman, studying some more, and taking a 4 hour exam... I am exhausted. I'm sad that I didn't find time to scrap.  Believe me I sat down at my table, YEARNING to scrap, but I absolutely had to study for this exam.  It was the first one of the semester for me, so I was nervous (literally sweating profusely) and anxious (nearly pulling out my hair), but all in all it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.  It only took me 2 hours to finish the test complete with multiple choice and three essay questions. Now I just hope that I did well.

So I don't have any new scrapbook layouts to share with you today, but I do have pictures of my scrapbook room in its current state.  I would like to throw some paint on those walls: Lowe's Utterly Violet and hang up some of my layouts.  I am planning on purchasing some more Display Dynamics (lipless this time), a 2x2 expidit unit, a tool carousel, and a Clip It Up or knock off. AND a new chair would be nice.

Take a look...
This is my room. I hate the yellow.

Would you believe I got this great table at Goodwill for $20?
Yes, yes I did.

I love wire shelving units. This is where my cameo and cuttlebug live. I currently keep my patterned paper in these Iris containers (2) separated by manufacturer. The scrapfolio is what I store my kits in, and the other Iris containers contain finished layouts and 'homework' for my preschooler. The basket contains my cutting mats and scraps.

My 4x4 Ikea Expidit shelf. Love it. I use Iris photo boxes and store various embellishments in locker baskets, jars, bowls, a colander, a hen (yes, I said that), and a rubbermaid container. I keep all my stickers in the rubbermaid container, punches in 1 locker basket, and chipboard/mini albums in the blue basket. My cardstock is separated by neutrasl and color families in the display dyanamics.

Magazine and inspiration folder is stored here as well as my finished scrapbooks. My inspiration books are stacked under the colander.

A view from my table. Little man in his swing - he loves to nap here on the weekends :)
The dresser across the room houses tools to keep away from little hands, stamps, fabric, cards, etc. Also I finally have a big TV in my room with plenty of chick flicks!

Another view from my table. I love having some little embellies at my fingertips.

Ikea tiered plates - I keep mists and stickles on top, twine in the middle, and leftovers from kits at the bottom.

Washi tape jar - I wash all my jars after using them in the kitchen and they generally find a place in my scrap room or my husband's art studio.

Vintage Pyrex bowl - I think I paid $5 on this small bowl at a flea market. It was an impulse buy, but I love it. I keep all my cat eyes here on the tape for distressing and when I want to STAMP, which I rarely do.

And that is my room! I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed putting it together, and I enjoy getting crafty in this space on the regular!

Do you have a craft space? I  would love to see it. Also, share your organization tips and techniques... I'm always looking for ways to reorganize. That's half the fun of having a scrap room!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{watson & watson} image heavy post

I don't that I've shared our most recent family portraits.  I think I'll do that today.

These pictures were taken by the very talented Kristin Smith, who is my lovely cousin! She is such a doll, and is currently a freshman at OU; go sooners, right?  Well even if you are not a football fan (like me), I sure hope that you are a fan of some of the most beautiful pictures captures of my sweet little family!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{citrus twist kit layouts}

I received a lot of papers with my Citrus Twist Kits subscription for August.  The colors were warm oranges and yellows infused with some pink and blue hues. 

When I first opened my kit, I was overwhelmed with excitement.  I opened the patterned paper add on, and there were such great versatile designs.  Then I meandered over to the kit, and boy was I surprised!! I looked at the papers first (I'm a paper girl, sorry). Then I looked at all the cutie embellishments.  I got colored floss, 2 sets of stamps, ribbon, Mister Huey's, Prima chalk ink, AC tabs, vintage finds, washi tape, library card/pocket and cute exclusive journaling cards.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was working off the sunday sketch from Citrus Twist Kits.  I am the queen of sketch stretching, or at least I think I am. I can stretch a single page to a double, and I can take a double and squeeze it down to a single page (however, I do this least often).

Well without further ado, here are the two layouts that I created over the weekend featuring my Citrus Twist Kit "Tropical Heat"!

The first one is the page that I stretched from the sketch that I posted yesterday, and the second is a follow up that will goes with it.

Thanks for taking a look today, and feel free to stop by Citrus Twist Kits to see their current kit "Life's Little Details."
With Love,
Gabrielle Watson
P.S. I still have TONS of paper and embellies left over from my kit, so you'll be seeing more layouts in the future from "Tropical Heat"

{scrappy weekend}

Despite the fact that I have an exam coming up, I took 12 hours out of my busy weekend to scrapbook with some locals gals!!

I had such a fun time.  I didn't get as many layouts completed as I had hoped, but I was also taking care of little Sawyer while making beautiful layouts and entertaining new friends.

As mentioned in last week's post, I started a crop group in Denton, TX that meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Well we had our first 'meet up' and it was amazing.  All the seats were filled, everyone was so insightful, and I felt so motivated by seeing my new friends creating beautiful mini-albums, printing pictures from their iPhones, and making lovely pages for their family and friends.

I finished 3 layouts, using two different kits, the September kit from Gossamer Blue, and the August kit from Citrus Twist Kits!! This is my first month to receive and use kits from these two lovely companies, but I feel so invited and welcomed by them! Their kits are SO, so, so MY STYLE. They are a fantastic mix of colors, materials, and brands! <------- SERIOUSLY!

7 Reasons I love Citrus Twist Kits:
1. LOTS of patterned paper and brand mixing with coordinating cardstock
2. Great set of embellishments this is great because it is often stuff I wouldn't ordinarily buy for myself
3. Exclusive goodies the August kit came with exclusive journal/note cards, stamps, and canvas flowers
4. Chalk Inkers and Mister Huey's I never buy these products on my own, but I love to use them
5. The price is right! It truly is such a bargain for all that you are getting in a kit
6. Options for add ons
7. Design team layouts for inspiration

7 Reasons I love Gossamber Blue:
1. Great patterned paper and brand mixing with coordinating cardstock I love brand mixing, and it's so much easier when someone does it for you
2. Lovely embellishments like one big and one small alphabet stickers/thickers
3. Fancy digital files with each kit for your Silhouette machine
4. The price is right! It is a great deal for what you are getting
5. Options for add ons
6. Lookbook I seriously love lookbooks; not only are they snazzy but they are inspiring and little sneaky peeks of what's in store for next month
7. Super design team inspiration

I uploaded the pictures onto my computer, and I was trying to share them online before going to bed last night, but something didn't quite work, and I can't see them in my albums for some reason, oops!

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow, so you can see how I used my kits, and how I stretched this single page sketch from Citrus Twist Kits!

Whee, how was your weekend? Did you get creative, spend time with family, study for an exam (like I should've)... did you see a movie maybe?  My husband bought Cabin in the Woods, and can you say, freaky? Ick. Not my kind of movie FO SHO :)

Tonight: I have plans with my textbooks, flash cards, babies, and a can of soda to help keep the midnight oil burning! I think I'll scrap for a minute or two (during study breaks of course). I just gotta keep sane despite the INSANE life I've chosen for myself! Thanks for reading and have a lovely one folks!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{my, oh my}

Well since you last heard from me... a lot of things have changed.

I have a beautiful 2 month old son named Sawyer James; he was born in the early morning hours of June 18 (2:45 AM), yes that is the day after Father's day this year (best gift ever).  My wonderful 3 year old girl is becoming quite the handful, but she is a loving and helpful big sister.

We are completely settled into our home, and now we are deciding on which plants we plan to rip out first... I'm thinking the terrible bushes in front of the house. Currently they are not serving any purpose, and they are weed ridden and totally misshapen.

I have officially returned back to work as of August 10th.  It wasn't too hard a transition for me as I work 8 minutes from my house, so I visit my little guy during lunch each and every day where I get to have special bonding time while nursing.

While I was on maternity leave, I got scrappy a few times per week. It felt so amazing

I am officially in graduate school.  I am taking 6 hours each semester, so I stay busy, but not overwhelmingly so.  I am a first year grad student though, so I'm sure it gets harder each semester. Right now I'm not drowning. I'm just keeping up with my readings, discussions, assignments, and I'm developing my research proposal for my thesis.

And as of late....I've never felt the need before nor thought that I could afford it, but I joined three kit clubs. I have decided to stick with two of them for the long haul, but the other one I'm going to opt out unless there is something that I want to buy, then I will opt in again. I think this will be great for me because it gives me access to papers and materials that I wouldn't ordinarily purchase for myself.  I've been exposed to such great brands already like Fancy Pants, Heidi Swapp, and Prima Marketing.  Although I've known of these brands for some time, I've never actually gone out of my way to purchase their products before, and BOY I was missing out!

I'm currently subbing to Citrus Twist Kits, Gossamer Blue, and Scraptastic Kits.  All three are awesome and are a great deal considering the amount of product that you receive for the total cost (kit + ship).

Overall I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive. I'm still getting scrappy, and even though I'm graduated from UNT, I'm still in school :)

Also, if you are a local of North Texas, I have set up a crop group that meets at my place on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  I'm a social scrapper at heart, so I'm REALLY excited that I have a large enough place where I am comfortably seat 8-10 scrappers at each crop! I will be supplying the bottled water, die-cutting machines (Silhouette Cameo & Cricut Expression), tables, chairs, and space!! I hope that you can join me sometime! You can RSVP for a crop at my house at this website: www.meetup.com/scrap-happens-north-texas/

With Love,
Gabrielle :)

{some of my favorite things}

Well it's been 10 days since my last share...

Sounds like I suffer from an addiction of sorts, doesn't it?  Haha, well I am addicted to papercrafting, so I guess you could call me an addict.

Today I just wanted to share with you folks some of the online scrappy places that I frequent the most when I'm online.  Whether it's for scrappy chit-chat, inspiration, current events, new trends, or just to browse all the loveliness that the internet has to offer all of us scrap-addicts, these are the online sites that I'm most present on, and I'll give you some info on each of why I like them sooooo much!!

1. Two Peas In a Bucket
This is one of my favorite places to frequent online as I love participating in their forums, especially the 'general scrappin' and 'for sale or trade' sections.  I really meet the nicest ladies, and I find out a lot of current events from visiting these boards.  Also, I find lots of great deals on items that I'm interested in buying, and I sell a few things here and there as well!  Two Peas also has a store, which I order from time to time.  They offer free shipping with a minimum purchase of $50 which isn't bad.  Host loads of contests for free stuff, and they always have what I am looking for... I don't shop here too often honestly because I hate paying retail for anything, but if I come across something that I CAN'T find at an LSS or cheaper elsewhere online, then I will consider buying from Two Peas.

2. My Scraps and More
I just found this site from a lady on the forums at Two Peas, and I absolutely love it.  She has a great little online store. Some of her product comes into the store before Two Peas has it.  She had October Afternoon Cakewalk, practically before anyone else did, so I ordered some of course. Shipping is free with a minimum order of $25, and she just had a sale that was 40% your entire cart (including sale items).  I just scored a boatload of stuff for under $30.  I mean a BOATLOAD.  I am so glad that I found her site. I follow them on FB as well, and I like their little blog and challenges.

3. Studio Calico
So I am not what you would call a subber (kit club subscriber) because I am kind of a commitment phobe, but I REALLY love to look and browse the Studio Calico website, especially their galleries from the Design Team and Members.  I love ogling all the new kits they come out with each month, but I just can't take the plunge.  I personally can't bring myself to pay $35 for a kit no matter how exclusive some of the parts may be and then pay nearly $38 some some of the add ons each, per month, plus shipping.  Just seems expensive, but I admire those who do, and when I get lucky from time to time and someone has a kit that they purchased but didn't love... I let them share the love with me for cheaper than retail :) - I typically find these on the For Sale or Trade board on Two Peas.

4. Scrap Freak
To me, this is the original forum and store that started it all for me.  Monica was my LSS when she lived in Highland Village, and now she is located in Colorado.  When I first started scrapping, her store, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Joann's were the only places that I purchased scrap stuff.  I wish she still had a store online because I would frequent it just to keep her in business.  I am a loyal customer, what can I say?  Well nowadays she hosts the scrapfreak forum online.  I don't log in as much as I would like, but I still lurk, read, pin from the gallery, and attempt to participate from time to time.  I love all the ladies on here and a lot of them are from North Texas.  It's nice to know fellow scrappers around you!

5. Scraptastic Club
This is another kit club online that I lurk.  I particpate on the boards.  It is a new up and coming forum, so there isn't a ton of traffic, but it's getting there.  Jessica the owner, offers 2 kits, 2 add ons, and 1 stamp set each month.  It is a really stellar deal for a kit, but I haven't take the plunge just yet.  Like I said... kind of a commitment phobe.  However, you don't have to be a monthly subscriber to get her kits, and they are still REALLY inexpensive and have great shipping prices, like $5 or $6 I think. CHEAP.  She has all the new product too. I'm really, REALLY looking forward to the next kit and deciding whether or not to buy... we shall see.  I also really love the blog and challenges that she posts. I feel very inspired here.

6. Pinterest
Now unless you live under a rock, then you know that Pinterest is a place of inspiration for EVERYONE and their mom, husband, boyfriend, coworker, and dog...  It is just such an inspiring place. I have tons of boards that I pin to, but the one that I absolutely pin to the most is... Scraplift.  This is my own personal board online where I post layouts, kits, and general inspiration to get to scrapping.  I post new stuff daily on there, and I think I'm currently up to 474 pins. I think I'll break 500 sometime next week. I follow several other scrappy pinboards online, and you can even search them like '2 page layout,' 'studio calico,' etc, but when I find something that I want to lift or getcreative with... I simply Pin It

That's all for now, I'm having contractions, but NOT having this baby right now.  I took yesterday off from work thinking that I might go into full on active labor. My surges came every 7 minutes for hours, so I walked to bring them on, and then... nothing.  They were more like 10-15 minutes apart when I finally went to sleep yesterday night.  Did I cry about it... yes?!  I'm not going to lie... I am ready to have this baby out.  I know that next week I'll be singing another tune (unless he's still cookin') but I'm just stinking ready to snuggle my little pup and get back to my skinny-er jeans.

Thanks for checkin' me out!!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

{more more more}

Hello all,

Gavin, Harper, Josie, and I are all getting established at our new abode.  It is quite large, and there is plenty to do around the house, but I was able to muster up some time and energy to actually scrap this weekend. 

At my 36 week check up last Tuesday the CNMW announced that I was 2 CM dilated and had a soft cervix.  I thought, yay I'm about to have this baby, but here I am another week further (37 tomorrow), and still no little guy.  That's ok though.

This weekend was so lovely.  Saturday morning my mom and I attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, TX.  I love attending this each year because this is where I stock up on cheap embellishments, lovely papers, and other goodies.  My sweet mom was so generous to buy things for me too.  She is such a doting mother.

Some of the goodies that I came home with are a subscription to Scrapbook Trends magazine for $7 per issue and 2 free magazines. An awesomely large fiskars cutting mat, new fiskars rotary blade trimmer, tons of beautiful paper, lots of sweet embellies from Melissa Frances, Basic Grey, Jenni Bowlin, and other off brand companies, some cat eye chalk inks, a new uniball signo pen, a pack of white Bazzill, and some colored Bazzill cardstock.  Not to mention all the freebies that I tried to win, etc.  It was a lot of walking, and I was eager to get home and put my feet up after all that!!

That evening my sweet hubby took me out on the town.  We saw What to Expect When You're Expecting, which was such a fabulous film.  I will be buying this one; it was way too adorable!! I laughed, I cried, and I peed my pants :) yes! LOL it was that funny. If you've seen this movie, you totally know what I talking about.

That evening I got down to business in my scrap space, used my new papers with old papers, and I used my silhouette machine for the 2nd time since I got it back in December.  I am so glad that I did too because it's PURE brilliance!! Best scrappy investment I've made.

Sunday I got scrappy again doing two page layout for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  Harper came home that afternoon from spending the night with my mom (her Lita), and she proceeded to take a nap with her daddy giving me even more quiet, creative time in my little scrap retreat at home.  I love my new scrap room.

Today I am back at work and will be leaving shortly to sign papers on my home. I'm looking forward to be a homeowner once again, and no longer a squatter :) lol. 

And one more thing, to share a few photos from my Little Gentleman themed baby shower for Sawyer James.  My little mister will be here any day now, and I CAN'T wait to meet him and hold him and nurse him, and scrapbook when I'm on maternity leave, lol. I have CRAFTING on the mind all summer long!!

With Love,

Gabrielle Watson

{family portraits 2012} - image heavy post

Well top of the morning to you folks! Technically it's the afternoon, but who cares, right? I wanted to share with you my lovely friend and readers some beautiful pictures taken by Kristin Smith.  She is my wonderful cousin who is so talented behind the camera lens.  You'd never believe that she is a Senior in high school and will be a freshman at OU starting in the Fall.  For being so young, she is so accomplished! Please check out her facebook: Greenglass Photography !!

Our little family was super thrilled when she asked to do our family portraits and maternity photo shoot! Of course I said an astounding YES!  And here they are, the most recent pictures of my sweet family!

EST. 2006
Gavin Watson, Gabrielle Watson, Harper Watson, and Sawyer Watson (to be delivered)

I actually captured these sweet pictures when I was playing with Kristin's camera.  Kristin did an amazing job of mashing the photos together. It it one of my favorites for sure!