Busy, busy, busy time...

School officially began yesterday but without me.

Harper woke up yesterday morning around 4AM with a pretty high fever of 100* so I took her into the doctor. She has 2 ear infections (one in each ear) and even after giving her Motrin in the afternoon her fever peaked at 7PM last night at 104* kind of scary. I called the nurses' line to see at what point I should administer more medicine since it'd only been a few hours, and they said it would be alright to give her more than her usual amount of Tylennol. Thank Heavens for sweet and caring nurses. Harper's fever finally came down to 101* and it stayed like that the rest of the night. She slept well though considering. I stayed up until 10PM to read since Breaking Dawn has finally gotten good. Thankfully!

This weekend was good except for the fact that I suffered from some major allergies and I'm starting to think that it's something more that I just can't kick!

Erin came into town, and Gavin, Harper, Erin and I had dinner at the Oliver Garden. REMIND me to NEVER go to the Oliver Garden, Red Lobster or Road House on a Friday night, ick! Parking was terrible, but we got that fixed even after this jerk took the spot that I was patiently waiting for. Oh that just gets my blood boiling. Anyhow, we got back at him, teem hee.

So we had a lovely dinner, and a fun trip to Target, where I spent the majority of the time there in the restroom (damn OG not being gluten free). Then we went over the Travis's house to watch the Lovely Bones and although I wasn't partaking in the drinking fun, and it was FUN. I still had a great time and it was nice to meet some new peeps!

Saturday we really just hung out at home. We got some groceries I think, and just hung out. It was nice. We watched a flick (don't ask me what it was), and I read the night away. Gavin stayed up late that night I think, and then we all passed out something in the morning.

Sunday was nice. Gavin was sick, so that sucked. I didn't feel to hot either. We went to Burlington coat Factory to pick out an Easter Dress for little Harper for my mom to get her. We went to my parent's house to celebrate my dads birthday. Harper even ate a little chocolate cake. We watched the Lovely Bones again.

We went home and went to bed.

Monday Harper and I just hung out basically. She had a runny nose like normal, and it was nice. Gavin came home early because he wasn't in tip top shape. My mom watched Harper for us and we slipped away to catch the first showing of Sherlock Holmes for the day. Harper did great while my parents took care of her. And Sherlock Holmes was super great. I love that movie.

Then we went to Blockbuster and rented the Perfect Getaway and My One and Only. We watched those and just kind of relaxed.

And we are in the present. It's Wednesday. I'm at work. Harper is still sick and out of school (she's with Granny today though), and I am impatiently waiting for my textbook to arrive in the mail so that I can get a head start on reading. Unfortunately by the time the book comes in I will have missed quite a bit of reading but we'll see if I can catch up on that or not. Eek!

Friday Fill Ins!


I am so bad now only posting on Fridays. Lately I've been overwhelmed, and I want to read all the blogs, but I don't want to post any myself. What is up with me lately?

I feel so forgetful and well alittle stretched. I want to find more time to scrap at home. I have plans tonight and for the next couple of Fridays, etc.

School starts on Tuesday eek! I hope I can take on this semester with ease and comfort. God is leading me!

1. The lesson I learned yesterday was to keep trucking (eventually I'll finish my degree and become an RN).
2. Tonight I'm going where friends and family meet.
3. All these years I've worked so hard sometimes it's hard to keep working at it when I feel like I'm getting nowhere.
4. It was overcast this morning when I arrived.
5. The truth is I have 38 more hours of school left; I'm in the last stretch of things yet it still seems so out of sight; I hate that I've worked full time since I was 19, and I haven't been able to go to school full time since then. I wish that I could take off a year (of working full time) and just get this shit nipped in the ass.
6. Relief is what I remember most from that day.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dining with my friend Erin, tomorrow my plans include Burlington Coat Factory for Easter dresses and Sunday, I want to scrap and relax with a good book or movie!

Friday Fill Ins!

1. There are places that I haven't seen.
2. Babycakes blow those clouds away.
3. Standing in the doorway of my dreams.
4. Boy oh boy.
5. He went out tiger hunting and found himself.
6. Trying to keep my mind from wandering .
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner, tomorrow my plans include CROPPIN' with my gals and Sunday, I want to enjoy a movie with my family!


Happy First Hump Day of the New Year!!

Happy 2010 everyone!! I hope that it is healthy, wealthy and kind to all this year!

My first day back at work was Monday. I was off for almost 2 weeks and it was quite lovely having such a long vacation (or holiday break). Harper was away from her school for 3 weeks in a row. First she was sick with RSV, and then the school was closed for holiday break and then I was off the following week, so we stayed home together again for another week. It was so wonderful. I definitely enjoyed my taste of staying at home with my girl. I felt relaxed everyday. I baked, I cooked, I cleaned, I took care of little girl, and I was able to finally just take a breath and relax. I felt like a better person and a better wife while I was off. I felt like myself. I definitely wouldn't mind doing that again for well... eternity or until Harper goes to elementary school.

My first day back at work was rough to say the least. I came back to a HUGE stack of paperwork, icky. And with students coming back in 2 weeks, let's just say that it was more than busy, and we were 1 person short. I'm not complaining though. The day went by pretty fast. I was able to see my baby at lunch, and I finished all that darn paperwork woot, even after someone said "you'll never finish all that today!" Ha, I showed him!

Yesterday was an easier day at work, but the evening was pretty tough. With the new year, Gavin started working a different schedule on Tuesdays, so from now on he will get home at 8 at night those days. It was rough on Mama and Baby. We got home, then I sat Harper on the floor to play for a minute. I pottied, released the hound, put in a load of clothes, fed Harper, made food, changed and bathed her, finished the food, forgot to feed the dog, forgot to feed myself, nursed Harper, then Daddy finally got home at 8. He helped by taking care of Harper while I ate dinner and relaxed for a moment, then he ate dinner while I finished nursing Harper. Then we sent her to bed. We went to bed after Harper fought going to sleep, and now I'm back at work this chilly morning.

I suppose we will see what the day brings. I understand the night will bring some cold, cold weather, Yikes!!!

Stay safe out there!!!

Oh and on a shorter note my New Year's Resolutions!

- To grow in my relationship with God.
- To lose 15 lbs in 365 days.
- To eat our leftovers instead of letting them go to waste.
- To eat out less and save more money.
- To set aside money for Harper and Vacations.
- To scrapbook and create more.
- To make new and old friends.
- To be more charitable.
- To win big.
- To go on an out of state vacation.

We will see what happens this year!!!

-Gabi from Savannah, TX