Happy First Hump Day of the New Year!!

Happy 2010 everyone!! I hope that it is healthy, wealthy and kind to all this year!

My first day back at work was Monday. I was off for almost 2 weeks and it was quite lovely having such a long vacation (or holiday break). Harper was away from her school for 3 weeks in a row. First she was sick with RSV, and then the school was closed for holiday break and then I was off the following week, so we stayed home together again for another week. It was so wonderful. I definitely enjoyed my taste of staying at home with my girl. I felt relaxed everyday. I baked, I cooked, I cleaned, I took care of little girl, and I was able to finally just take a breath and relax. I felt like a better person and a better wife while I was off. I felt like myself. I definitely wouldn't mind doing that again for well... eternity or until Harper goes to elementary school.

My first day back at work was rough to say the least. I came back to a HUGE stack of paperwork, icky. And with students coming back in 2 weeks, let's just say that it was more than busy, and we were 1 person short. I'm not complaining though. The day went by pretty fast. I was able to see my baby at lunch, and I finished all that darn paperwork woot, even after someone said "you'll never finish all that today!" Ha, I showed him!

Yesterday was an easier day at work, but the evening was pretty tough. With the new year, Gavin started working a different schedule on Tuesdays, so from now on he will get home at 8 at night those days. It was rough on Mama and Baby. We got home, then I sat Harper on the floor to play for a minute. I pottied, released the hound, put in a load of clothes, fed Harper, made food, changed and bathed her, finished the food, forgot to feed the dog, forgot to feed myself, nursed Harper, then Daddy finally got home at 8. He helped by taking care of Harper while I ate dinner and relaxed for a moment, then he ate dinner while I finished nursing Harper. Then we sent her to bed. We went to bed after Harper fought going to sleep, and now I'm back at work this chilly morning.

I suppose we will see what the day brings. I understand the night will bring some cold, cold weather, Yikes!!!

Stay safe out there!!!

Oh and on a shorter note my New Year's Resolutions!

- To grow in my relationship with God.
- To lose 15 lbs in 365 days.
- To eat our leftovers instead of letting them go to waste.
- To eat out less and save more money.
- To set aside money for Harper and Vacations.
- To scrapbook and create more.
- To make new and old friends.
- To be more charitable.
- To win big.
- To go on an out of state vacation.

We will see what happens this year!!!

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

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