About Me

Hello, my name is Gabi Watson.
and this is my family - GG, me, Harper (6), and Sawyer (2)

Thank you for checking out my little corner of the internets.

Like the title reads, this blog documents my often silly adventures in parenthood, my creative attempts in scrapbooking and photography, and some frugal endeavors. Like you, I also like to eat, read, and hang with my family, so I tend to talk a lot about those things as well.

I am a wife of less than 10 years, but more than 5. I have two children under the age of 7. Did I mention that I'm short at just 5 feet tall?? What is the mode in the last set of numbers? Just kidding, you might've guessed by some of my posts that I am a grad student. I also work full time.  Juggling kids, night school, and a full time day job is... difficult, thrilling, tough, insane, interesting, fun, and a lot of work. Those are just some descriptors for you. Not for the faint of heart, but it can totally be done. I am living proof.

I do appreciate you stopping by and reading a little more about me. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to connect by email: tinyscrapper at yahoo dot com or on Facebook.

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