Is it Friday yet?

So it's the beginning of the week, and yesterday was the first day back at school for students. It was so crazy busy. I mean BUSY with a capital B! I got a lot of envelopes done though.

Gavin went to the doctor. We thought for sure he had a Kidney infection because he's been feeling pretty crappy lately, back hurting, nausea every time he eats, overall fatigue and other stuff. Well he went to the doctor, and Dr. Barrus says that there is blood in his urine, so he's going back in 3 weeks to get another urine sample. He's not having any pain during urination, so the doctor thinks that it's either nothing or something kind of serious. We will see if the Hematuria goes away at the next appt, and if it does then he's in the clear, and if it doesn't he's off to a Urologist.

Harper's gifts are coming along great. We picked up a small bag of Pink Mega Blocks this weekend at Target since they were on special for $8, what a steal!? She will be very happy with her new toys.

I donated some toys to Harper's school that I found a thrift store, they were in excellent condition, and I know the infants room will be delighted to have some new toys! Harper's school needs some new paint, so I'm going to see if there is a group on campus that needs volunteer hours. They need the hallway painted and two of the classrooms painted. We also need help sprucing up the front of the building. We need to pull the weeds, attack them with some roundup and plant some lovely flowers and grass.

The schools new director is doing some much to get the school extra funds and state money. He's doing a much better job than the old director!! Changes are sometimes a really good thing!!!

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