Monday Madness and Little Ghosties...

Well this weekend was great.

I will make a list instead of paragraph form because well...that gets me through it a little fast.

-Alice in Wonderland 3D at Movie Tavern: Great food, great friends, good family movie.
-Got home and went straight to bed after the movie. Me very sleepy.
-Woke up Saturday morning at 7 AM, thanks Harper.
-Ate Lucky Charms for BFast.
-Took Josie to the groomer.
-Daddy, Harper and I walked around the square for a few hours. Bought chocolate, books and lace, whee.
-Visited the in-laws for a little while.
-Went home.
-Gavin picked up Josie from the groomer.
-Harper napped, and I visited my madre at the Slop Crop.
-Ate Panda Express with my mom.
-Went home and went to bed pretty much.
-Sunday woke up at 7 AM, thanks Harper. No wonder I got to bed at 9 every night.
-Ate BFast. Fed Harper.
-Lounged about.
-Watched TV, the Real World sucks just so you all know.
-Lounged. Rearranged my scrap room a bit.
-Harper nappied.
-Watched Harper's home videos from when she was 1 week old up till just the other day. It's amazing how much they CHANGE in the first year. AMAZING!
-Granny, Papa, and Aunt Stephanie came to visit that afternoon.
-Gavin made a lovely dinner.
-Watched the 7 PM Tudors and 8 PM Season Finale of Big Love, OMG. Loved it.
-Went to bed.
-Woke up at 2:30AM to Harper's toys making lots of music and talking in her room. I think it's little ghosties and couldn't get back to sleep until after 4AM this morning. Harper woke up from the all the commotion, and we talked, rocked, and just held each other's hands. I love my girl SO much. I just can't believe everyday that she's in my life.

Now it's Monday. I'm sitting at my desk. I've already checked all of my emails, Ebay, ScrapFreak, Facebook, all the scrapbook steal/day sites, grades for online, bank account, etc. Now I'm about to update my calendar for the next few months, and I'm going to work a bit on something and start studying for this 3 paper midterm due at the end of next week, icky. Feeling slightly sleep deprived from last night. I have class tonight, and my dining room chairs are FINALLY being delivered to our house today! Thank you JCPenney. I can't wait to set up all my new dining room chairs!

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