Sick, sick, sick...

So to update everyone since I haven't blogged at all this week... sad news right!?

I'm sick with some ear infections and respitory infection of sorts. Been on meds for a few days now, and I'm feeling a little better, but still coughing a bit and not feeling quite myself... Harper has a cough. Ugh. When I'm off these meds I'm getting the flu vaccine since she's too little right now. Gavin is coming down with something. He's sick, sick, sick as a dog like I was the other day, so now he knows.

This weekend I have a wicked crop, and I can't wait. Tonight I need to make a belated birthday card for a student worker, and then I need to bake a cake or something. Or I may do that for Monday since tonight Harper and I are alone, all by ourselves while daddy learns stuff in class.

Had to drop one of my classes this semester but I really don't mind. It was too overwhelming, two online classes, full time job spending lunches at the nursery: nursing my daughter, then when I get home at night too exhausted to read after nursing for hours and then finally going to bed.... and of course there's stuff in between there, but there's just so little time to do much of anything else.

I'm still enrolled in a couple of hours though, so that works for me and the fam.

Gavin and I decided that we are going to wait till 2011 before we start trying on another little baby. I love my little one so much, and I would love another now, but I don't want to take anything away from her. I want her to have her special baby time all by her lonesome :D She's my sweet angel.

I wish I could stay home with her this first year.... I feel like I miss so much when she's at school all day.

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