So found out today that our mortgage company was bought out by Bank of America, and the debt collectors at BofA gave Gavin and pretty nasty call about how we haven't made our payment for August. LIERS! Well I called them and fussed about this and apparently our mortgage company went out of business, and they are supposed to be sending our August check to BofA. They said that we will not be penalized for anything because it is not our fault, and this is happening to several people and not to be alarmed.

I'm counting down until I can head home. I was talking with a "lady" online about selling my other wedding dress to her (the one that I didn't wear), and she was so happy to buy it, but only if I she could send me the shipping box, extra money and a cashier's check. LOL. Scam! Gosh I don't get why there is thievery in the world.


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