Happy 3rd Anniversary to me!

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary. It's weird to think that only 4 years ago Gavin and I were just about to meet and start our lives together on this fab journey. It's been a wonderful 4 years of loving you and 3 years of marriage. It's been a splendid 4 months of sharing parenthood with you, and I can't wait for all the years to come.

I am so sorry that you are sick today, and I hope you are feeling up to dinner tonight. You are my sweet hubby G, and I love you with all my heart!!

Although we don't have the money to do something uber special I am so glad that we can still share a meal with each other, share meaningful conversation, share our dreams, share our bed, and share our love with each other and with our newest member of the fam, little girl!

May the next three years be as beautiful as the last 3 have been, but with a little more money or less bills :D

Love you babe!!!

On to something else breifly... Delightful Hands in Celina will not sell paper craft stuff anymore, so sad, but they are having a ridiculous sale up to 80% off everything in the store. Check it out!!

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