Okay so tonight I have a wedding to attend, wee! My friends are getting married, teehee!

I have a date tonight after the ceremony. We have decided to skip out on the reception just because we don't want to stay away from Harper for too, too long, so instead we are going out for a quick dinner at TX Roadhouse because my fat self is craving rolls, butter and chicken fried steak, yum!

I know, I know I can't quit talking about it, but I'm going to a crop this weekend, nanana boo boo!!

I pack my stuff up last night. I hope my madre isn't angry I took all of her creative memory stickers out of the creative memory binder and pouches and put all of my own stickers, thickers and other awesome stuff in there. Whee! I was able to condense most ALL of my stuff into a creative memories shoulder bag, creative memories sticker binder, my memory lane canvas bag and my little tool kit. Yippee, that means I'll have more scrap room on my table, teehee!

Oh yesterday a new wonderful friend from Scrap Freak gifted me some of her stash. I can't wait to received it in the mail and add it to my slow growing stash. I just can't wait!! She's gifting me some fibers and flowers, whee!

Now I need to pay it forward :D I'll have to find something in my stash that I can give to someone else. I know that I have some extras of cardstock stickers (like doubles) so I may RAK them to someone who wants them....

I may start doing this like once a month, and I've decided that I'm going to start making my own cards for people. It may be kind of time consuming, but it will be very special I'm positive!!!

Yipeee! Enjoy your weekend folks!

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