Croppy McCropster and other Wednesday Oddities!

Ooh ooh!! I'm going to crop this weekend, yippee! This will be my first crop with the SHOT group on; there are still 10 seats left and it's $5 (cash) at the door. Just sign up on their website to be part of the festivities. They do 2 crops a month. Yay, yay!!! There are some stellar deals / day today, so check them out. The website links are in the post before this one.

Harper is doing so well today. She started out on the tummy at the daycare center. She is such a wonderful little girl.

I have a wedding to attend this Friday. My crop is scheduled this Saturday, and I'm working on a birthday card for someone special!

At work now so I better get to steppin! Can't wait till the day when I can run my own business, whee!

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