Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

Daddy and baby girl are napping right now. I finally showered for the day, yay!

So I blogged about our 3rd wedding anniversar but I don't think that I filled everyone in on what was to follow. I woke up that night at 3 in the morning with severe burning in my abdomen. I got out of bed to take some antacid however to my surprise I was covered in itchy whelps! Eek, so I drove myself to CVS for some benedryl, and then I went to sleep again ( a very deep sleep I might add) till 10 AM. I was late for work and I had to hurriedly find someone to watch Harper since she can't go to daycare after 9 AM. Luckily Harper's Great-Grandma Pat was happy to watch her, and I was able to take care of business at work.

Gavin had his first night of Social Research, sounds fun right. I hope he doesn't very well this semester. I'm signed up for two online classes ART 1300 (easy right?) and SOCI 1510 (another easy class) however what used to be a breeze to take before Harper was born has become somewhat of a challenge. We'll see how I do though. I'll take nothing less than an A for both.

I'm working on getting that 3.5 gpa afterall!! I have about 50 more hours to go right... man that's a lot. Oh well I'm like 65% done.

I scrapped some cards for my neice and our Auntie Darbi for their birthday. I hope they enjoy them. I'm working on a nakie girl LO, still. Harper woke up while I was on the Freak last night. We've been trying to transition her to her crib, but she doesn't sleep well in her room. She wakes up all the time now. Ugh. So I'm sleep deprived yet again.

Good news, Gavin's headache has finally gone away. This evening we are returning movies to Hastings, and then we are going to do something... else. I just don't know what yet. Tonight: True Blood... I can dig it.

Anyhow... money troubles still linger. When will we win the lotto? I hope that we can somehow start paying on our medical bills. I don't want to put it all on credit... I hate credit. I'm going to have to take out school loans again to help us get by and pay for classes. Eek.

But all of this is well worth it. It will be nice to look back and say we were broke, but we were happy!

Happy weekend to you all, and I hope that next week is even better than the last.

Monday - Harper's 4 Month old Shots
Friday - San Antonio here we come!!!

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