Slightly sleep deprived...

Ooh I found a new blog to follow. Here's the link!

So cute and wonderful ideas if you ask me!!

Okay so now that my little baby is sleeping through the night mostly my hubby G is keeping me awake!
He's got a bad headache, migraine or something going on. I was so worried when he woke me up telling me he was scared he was in so much pain.

Um... I'm seriously thinking about spending the weekend of Nov 26-29th at Memory Lane Inn. They have a $99 special for that weekend in the 3 bedroom suites. I don't really have the money though, so I would charge it.

Today I'm going to surprise Gavin with his video game for our wedding anniversary that is tomorrow. We will be married for 3 years. Yay for us. I love him so much, and I hope that we are always as happy together as we are right now.

Tomorrow maybe dinner, depending on how G feels. I hope that he's only suffering from migraines, and it isn't something worse. I hope that we get back on our feet financially so we don't have to use my school loan money anymore for extras in our life.

Oh well. I wish I could stay home with Harper for a little while longer. I feel like I'm losing my breastmilk, and I'm just so depressed about that. I just love my baby so much, and I only ever want the very best for her! And that would be her Mama!!!

I may invite a friend over this weekend to scrap with me. Maybe we could make some cards or something since she doesn't really scrapbook heavily like I do. I need to make a card this weekend for my niece's birthday. And I need to pick up a little gift for her someplace!

Oh I hope my sweet hubby is feeling better today.

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