I'm so bad...

It's Friday, finally!!! Yay *dances a little jig*

Gavin gets paid today, so I'm going to figure the checkbook, write some checks for the school, pay our bills and put aside grocery money. I think we might do something super fun this weekend and splurge, maybe go to the aquarium. I don't know for sure though. We'll see.

Gavin and I decided that we are going out to dinner and we will buy each other gifts this year for our 3rd year wedding anniversary. I'm getting scrap stuff (of course), and he's getting Batman Arkum Asylum, an xbox video game. He's just thrilled.

I am kind of sad that we didn't have enough money to take a trip this year, but we are driving to San Antonio to see family Labor Day weekend so that's kind of a like a trip for us. It's still a bummer though because since we've been together we've gone to Disney World and Fredericksburg, TX for our 1 year anniversary and last year we stayed at Hotel Zaza in Dallas an upscale Boutique hotel.

Oh well. I'm just happy that we are sharing this anniversary with our sweet baby girl, and I'm glad that we are going to splurge a little though and buy each other something. We deserve it after 4 years of togetherness, 3 years of marriage and 1 pregnancy!

I'm counting the days until I can get my own Pink Paislee CHASUM09 lines and Cosmo Cricket stuff. I'm seriously almost out of PP. I have some that I don't plan to use for a while or ever, so I may try to sell those for cheap. It would be nice to have a little extra dough for scrap stuff. I don't have ton of stuff to sell, but I definitely have a ton of BABY paper that I don't ordinarily scrap with.

I might try to find some of ideas of how to utilize baby scrap paper. Even though Harper's a baby I don't use it for some reason.

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