Harper's Sick...

Been at home with Harper since yesterday. On Tuesday night Harper started running a pretty high fever. It peaked at 102.7. I administered infant Tylenol at midnight, 4, and 8 because her fever hadn't come down. Finally I gave her a warm bath yesterday morning and the fever broke. Took her to the doctor and they put a little catheter in her tootie. She didn't seem to mind for some reason, she was mostly upset because they were holding her little legs down. That came back negative. They sent the urine off to be cultured though. Then took her to presby for blood work. She cried, but she eventually got over it. She didn't like the lady squeezing her little footsie. After that though she was smiling and laughing. The blood work checked out okay, so the doc says she probably has 'enterovirus' I don't know what that is, but whatever. He say she should run a pretty high fever for the next 3 days, so I'm keeping her out of school till Monday.

Today she is acting much better, but she seems to feel better during the day, and she fusses and screams at night because she's miserable. It's been a rough couple of nights for everyone at our house.

Tomorrow my mom is staying home with Harper though. I have a feeling she'll be better feeling by then. Monday she returns to school.

I work on Saturday for graduation, then my friend is coming into town, and we are having dinner with her and all my old pals! I just need to figure out where! Gavin will be volunteering at the nursery, so I need to find someone to watch Harper for us. Hm.

Now I'm off to shower and then scrap a little. I haven't gotten to scrap since Saturday, and I received some wonderful stuff in the mail this week from my gal pals!!! Eek!

Looking forward to this moment of silence!!!

Tonight if Harper is feeling well enough Gavin and I might go see a movie since it's discounted tonight.

Our 3rd wedding anniversary is in a few days and we don't have the money for gifts or for anything nice right now, so this might just be it till next year! Gavin hopefully will get a new job soon or at least after we go to San Antonio. That trip is in just a few weeks. Yay! Even though we're broke we are still going. We've been planning to see family since well... before Harper was born. Fun stuff..

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