Weekend Update

This weekend was fun.

Friday Gavin and I chilled at the house. We played a few games of Scattegories, and of course I kicked major butt!! Then we went to sleep early...

Saturday we took little girl and her Auntie Megan to Grapevine Mills Mall, and we walked around for a while. We also got Harper's ears pierced but then we opted out last minute. We went to my parent's place and hung out for a short time. My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby; I got some textured cardstock (my new love currently), some PP from My Mind's Eye, some school themed PP, and more Dring covers for my scrapbook. I love my madre. She's so good to me.

Sunday Gavin and I spent the morning at home just relaxing. My dad came by on his motorbike and help us install a light fixture in our office. Harper slept for several hours, and I was able to put away all of Harper's NB clothes, to make room for all the 3-6 months that she's wearing now. We bought groceries and we priced an exerciser for baby girl.

So today is Monday and it really couldn't be busier in the office today. Well one young lady came in and passed out hitting her head on our floor. So while I tended to her I had to have my student worker call the paramedics. Luckily she was okay. She has a heat stroke, and she's now in her parents' care.

What a day I'm telling ya!!

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