Shame on me... I haven't posted anything yet.

This weekend I had a blast at Memory Lane Inn in McKinney, TX!

I wasn't able to stay the whole weekend with my family and friends because I'm still nursing, but I was able to stay the WHOLE day on Saturday. I mean I was there from 8 AM to 1 AM. I got several LOs finished, and I had so much fun.

You really just haven't lived until you been scrapping at this place with friends... Check out their website... Memory Lane Inn; plus when you stay there you get 15% at the local scrapbook store Scrappin' Bunnies.


I arrived home very early Sunday morning around 2 AM. I slept until about 10 AM, and then Gavin and I unloaded all of my stuff into my scrap room. There was a funny odor in there, so I swished around, realizing that my WONDERFUL husband had painted my scrap space for me! It was BEAUTIFUL. It is a grey color with a brown or taupe undertone. It's very nice. It looks great with the laminate wood flooring and my stupendous scrap island. I picked out some wall shelves at ikea that I plan to buy and I'm going to get an ikea bookcase to house my papers, etc.

Here are some pics of stuff that will eventually make it's way to my scrap room!!! Most of it is ikea of course.

I want a bookshelf in white with casters. I plan to make this as mobile as possible so I can move it around if it gets in the way. There will be a little TV and DVD player there as well so when Harper is bigger she can sit in the room and watch TV when while I scrap. Plus this is a guest room as well, so that works well for guests. The bed pulls out of the sofa. Next to the sofa there will be a little side table with a pharmacy lamp. Next to my work island and bookcase there will be a floor pharmacy lamp. Of course pops of red here and there in my rug and the photo boxes come in red too! Yay! I am getting some little white shelves for the wall. I'm going to get 2 of them and put little hooks on the bottom to hang utensils and things, etc. It's going to take time to finish my room, but I don't mind waiting. The next thing to do is get my bookcase, casters for it and for my table, paint my table, and I will be on my way to getting stuff off the floor finally, sweet!!

I will write more later today or tomorrow, but I'm beat and suffering from some major allergies.

Harper's school is sucking me dry right now, and I still have dreams of opening a scrap store or a place like Memory Lane Inn. Anyway! Tata for now!

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