Made a few purchases today....

Harper and Daddy are staying at home together today. Daddy has a bad cold and double ear infections. He was too sick to work today. Harper only want to stay home because her Daddy was staying home. She still has some sniffles though.

For lunch I spent time with my mom. We ate at Jason's Deli, and we went to Hobby Lobby. I am happy to know that they have a small selection of American Crafts, Cosmo Cricket, My Minds Eye, Anna Griffin and Bazzill, and I was very happy to see that. I'll just have to wait till their papers go on sale before I buy anything. I will still be going to my LSS though for the stuff that they don't have in stock. I noticed that they carry mostly the basics, nothing super special really. They did have a craft pack for Cosmo Cricket, but not the one I was looking for. I'll just be patient.

This weekend I am going to my very first all day crop. I'll arrive at 7 in the morning and leave around midnight or later the next day. Ah! All day crops!!! Whoohoo!

Today my mom got a wicked deal on the Basic Grey Self Healing Magnetic Board. I own one, and I swear by it! Today I purchased some opaque white stamp ink, a little caddy for my tools, and a wicked awesome adhesive gun! I was able to use my coupon 40% off coupon, and I saved like $4. Yippee.

When we get paid this Friday I need to pay bills then take out a little cash and not spend it!

I hope that my two sick babies at home feel better, and I'm happy to pick up our pictures this evening as well!

Thank the Lord for this day that He made.

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