Okay. Good morning first and foremost!

On to my agenda now...

At lunch:
- Harper's doctor's signature on Fred Moore paperwork / copy of immunization records
- Finish filling out Harper's Fred Moore paperwork
- Breastfeed Harper
- Eat lunch
- Go back to work

- Drive to McKinney to visit Michael's, Joann's, and Scrappin Bunnies
- Pull money from ATM

This weekend:
- CVS pharmacy to pick up prescription
- Walmart photo to pick up July 4th pics
- Wells Fargo for another check register

Okay and then some SCRAPPIN!
Harper was very happy this morning to be with her granny. Granny was late getting back from the pool this morning, so Harper and Mama sat outside for a while and talked to Daddy on the phone.
Gavin's friend is coming over tonight, so I'm going to keep Harper away from the house, so G can have his 'man' time. I hope that he enjoys it.
Thumbs up to a GREAT weekend ahead. I want to paint my scrap room or pick up a table this weekend! Eek!

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