Tomorrow is Jeans Day!

I look forward to every Friday at work because I can wear JEANS, hooray!

On ScrapFreak I found out about; it's a great place to get picture prints of varying sizes for CHEAP with $2 shipping on every order. That's a better deal than Walmart and Walgreens (both places that I typically buy pics). I plan to place an order once I have some money.

Gavin and I are broke as a joke. What I wouldn't give for the days when we had an extra $7000 in the bank. Where did it all go? Now we are barely scraping by. Geez! On the upside I got like a $1000 raise to my salary at UNT, but I won't start seeing those monthly changes until after August 1st. That's like an extra $50 on my paycheck. It's pretty much nothing when you only get paid once a month. Why can't UNT pay on a biweekly schedule, seriously?!

Also I plan to use my Picasa software to make collages of my pictures for my scrapbook. I can't wait to try this out; it's a new editing tool that I haven't had time to use.

Tonight I will probably scrap something, and then I will start packing up my supplies for my crop retreat. I'm only staying for 1 whole day, but I really can't wait. I'm a CROP virgin!

Then I'm planning on 2 crops in August. One at Scrappin' Bunnies from 12PM to 12AM on August 21st, and hopefully one on August 15th *crosses fingers* with my Scrap Freak pals.

Gavin fixed up my scrap room a little while he was at home yesterday. He's so happy that I have a place for my hobby now. It looks great. I will have to take pictures of it and post for everyone to see. Of course it is still a work in progress. And I need to remember to take my camera to my retreat; yay, yay, yay, and I want to bring my camera to Harper's school one day and take pictuers of her playing with her teachers for the album!

I have so many ideas swirling in my head I need to write them down:
I've Got You Babe - Daddy with Harper
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Bath Robe pics - Need a title...
Swing A Ding-Ding
In My Daughter's Eyes
Sleeping Beauty
Life Is What Happens To You While You're Busy Making Other Plans
Sew Pretty - Cute as a Button (2 page LO)
and plenty more where that came from...

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