It's coming together...

my scrap room that is!

Last night my sweet little sick husband took the legs off of my table and moved it into my scrap room.

I cleaned up my space, organized my baskets, organized my drawer, and now I have a lovely space to stand and scrap. It's the perfect height for me because I'm pretty short.

I still have my paper in cropper hoppers on the floor, but I don't mind. Eventually I'll get a bookshelf to house my extras.

Harper is back at school today. She's getting a little rash on her booty and still has the sniffles, poor baby. She'll be okay though as long as they take good care of her at the nursery.

Gavin is sick as a dog this morning. So sick that he's actually going to the doctor (that's totally not like him at all). None of us got much sleep last night because of my two babies' illnesses, and I'm still hopin' that I don't come down with something, especially since I have my first crop this weekend!

Ooh ooh I can't wait!

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