Ah, Monday.

Harper started school today. I dropped her off while she was sleeping this morning, and I was just scared how she would react when she woke up to strange faces in a strange place.

I saw her at lunchtime, and she was very happy to see me. She smiled, talked and ate.

I will say that I'm a worrywart and I know it. I'm worried that she won't get enough tummy time, or that she won't get to practice sitting down in a bumbo chair like we do at home. She's so tiny, and she's content to be left alone, and I'm just afraid she won't get enough attention with all the other crying babies there. I cried after I left the nursery. Three of the children in her classroom had bad coughs and two were running fevers. Harper has never been around sick children before. I'm just scared.

I really need to figure out a way to stay home. I don't mind that I will have to make cutbacks; we just need to find a way that I can make enough money to cover our mortgage. I need to make a minimum of $1300/month after taxes.

You know I wouldn't mind working part time either because Pam could watch her in the PM until G get's off work, and then I could watch her in the AM.

Here are some pictures of Harper, and there are new pics of scrappin' pages for ya!

Also, news:
I visited Scrappin' Bunnies Scrapbook Store in McKinney, TX, and I fell in love. They have such a great selection for a small shop. They have a great little crop area, and they have crops till Midnight Friday and Saturdays. I plan to go to the all day crop on August 22nd, let me know if you want to join me, and I would be glad to reserve us a spot. It's $15 BYODinner. The family that runs the place is AWESOME. I can't wait to get to know them better. The owner called me a seasoned scrapper. It was funny because I told her that I'd only been scrapping for a little over a month. I just do a lot of research online! Crazy!

Also Friday July 25th, I'm filling in for a person who can't go with my mom and family to a crop retreat in McKinney at Memory Lane Inn. I can't wait. I'm not going to stay the night, but I will crop all day and all night! Then I will return home to see my girlie and hubby poo!

This weekend Harper, me and Gavin had a fun time at Abuelita's pool. We got her a floatie and sat her in it. She splashed alittle, but overall didn't enjoy the experience much. We had a pretty good weekend just relaxin' and enjoying each other's company. A must see, HILARIOUS movie is Ghost Town! Tres cute!

Next weekend:
We are going to the McKinney Flea Market, join us; it will be fun! Maybe my mom and I can go to a scrappin' store in Waxahachie too. We'll see.

Okay, so here are the pics for real this time.

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