Hump Day Post...

Tomorrow Harper is staying home with her sweet Daddy while Granny gets a check up done.

Harper's 2 month old stats: 10.13 lbs / 22 1/2 ins - My how you've grown in a month an 2 weeks.
Harper's 2 week old stats: 7 lbs / 20 ins - She was just a tiny bit bigger than when she was born.
Harper's 2 day old stats: 6.3 lbs / 19 1/4 ins - Did you shrink Harper?
Harper's Birthday stats: 6.9 lbs / 19 3/4 ins - Sweet angel baby...

I knew that she had grown up since her last appointment, but even I was surprise by how much!? Harper is currently wearing her 0-3 / 3-6 months clothes, and she is in size 1 diapers. She is in the 50th percentile (right in the middle) for both height and weight. She starts daycare this coming Monday, and I'm not looking forward to it. I know she will be great, but I'm concerned that she won't get the kind of one on one attention and nurturing that she gets with her family right now. I hope she flourishes though in spite of that. This week we are going to switch her over to powdered formula. This will be easier to maintain while she's at daycare, and I'm still breastfeeding, but I don't see myself continuing that for much longer. I feel like I produce less and less each day.

I recently saw old pictures of myself from Christmas 2005. I was about a size 3/4 at this time in my life, and I look great! I feel kind of depressed about my weight. I'm at my prepregnancy weight right now, but my body is still weird looking. I hate my loose skin. I need to loose about 20 lbs to fit in 3/4s again. When I'm not breastfeeding I'll be able to diet a little, and that will help. Right now I'm watching my intake, and I'm eating small portions. I'm drinking tons of water, and I'm not snacking. Also I'm eating 3 healthy meals a day. I don't have time to work out right now, and school starts on Monday, so what extra time I would have will be eaten up by school work. I'm stressed about finances right now with Harper's daycare eating up half of my paycheck. We are making cutbacks, but I'm still concerned.

Scrapping for me right now is a creative outlet. It's keeping me relatively stress free. Honestly I would like to drop my class this summer and not take it, but it would deter me from taking my fall class that I've already signed up for. Why can't I just stay home with Harper?! School is seriously going to stress me out, and this whole daycare thing is expensive (even for the cheapest daycare in town)!!

I'm exhausted all the time now. I really don't sleep well even when I do get sleep. Sometimes I feel like I'm so far from where I want to be.
- I want to be done with my degree.
- I want to be in shape.
- I want to be in a career that I love and enjoy / or just staying home.
- I want to make more money.
- I want to pay off my credit cards and put more money in savings a month.
- I want a bigger car.
- I want Gavin to have a new car that is reliable and requires less maintenance.
- I want Gavin to be finished with his degree.
- I want Gavin to be in shape with me.
- I want to have more hours in the day to spend with my family.
- I want to be a better cook.
- I want to have time to read a book.
- I want to sleep well everynight.
- I want to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Haha. I want, I want, I want! Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!
I'm done with my rant.
Here are some cute pics of my cutie patootie.
BTW, I have some awesome coupons for Michael's and Hobby Lobby 40-50% off. Yay. I'm going to get a white opaque pen, fiskars crafting knife and maybe something else, when I find time of course.
From July, okay....
Lookin' at her Grandpa!
From July, okay....
Happy 4th of July
From July, okay....
Whatcha lookin' at there?
From July, okay....
Tiny feet, tiny toes...
From July, okay....
Sleepy girl...
From July, okay....
What Mama does best!

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