Happy Hump Day! Wee!!!

Okay, so yesterday evening I had a great time scrap shopping with my mom. We went to Michael's so I could use my 50% off coupon before it expired that evening. My mom went in 50/50 on a pack of nursery paper; I got the Hog Heaven from Sassafrass Lass. It was on sale for $14.99 but I got it for $7.50 with my coupon. I purchase some cute clear everyday stamps, ink, a few kitschy stickers from K&Co that were on clearance, and some paper border that was on clearance as well. I try not to buy anything unless it's on sale or unless I have an awesome coupon
Then I went to Big Lots sans Mom. They had THICKERS yo! They were $2/pack. I got 2 packs of each font that they had. I got light blue poolside, lime green prancer and pink root beer float. Then I got some accents vinyl stickers. I forget which ones though in pearly green, white, yellow, black and magenta. Then I found a pack of American Crafts paper, A la Carte. They were $8/pack. That's an awesome deal, so I got those as well. When I get more scrappin' monies I will head back and see if there are new fonts. They also have the Remarks stickers by American Crafts, some funky chipboard shapes, and they had American Crafts buttons and eyelets. I love that brand.
They had some other scrappin stuff for cheap, but I only really wanted the American Crafts stuff.
I'm extremely tired today as usual, but I feel like tonight is going to be great! I have plans with my scrappin' space when Harper is done feeding and gone off to slumberland! I need to organize my 12*12 pages, and I want to start on my memorial day layout I think. That or I want to finally finish my labor pages or I might just leave them plain jane. I need to finish typing my birthing story, and I have plans with the mac tonight. I need to upload photos for everyone, and I also want to set up a collage of pics for a layout that I'm dreaming off.
I know that I'm going to have a great weekend with my family. On the fourth we have plans to visit our Aunt Karina and play with sparklers, yay! I just need to pick some up one night.
I can't wait until this evening.
Now what should I prepare for dinner?

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