Just can't believe it!

I didn't blog yesterday!
Sunday evening Harper, Daddy and me were laying on the floor and talking. Harper said I love you! I mean in her little baby language of course, but it was such a sweet moment for the Gman and me!
Yesterday I borrowed by mom's cricut machine. I can't wait to experiment. I have plans to buy another cartridge for it, but for cheap on ebay, etc. Right now I'm looking at a lot of Thickers from the pea. I think the lot consists of 20 thickers for $45. I'm pretty sure that's a good deal, and they are all different fonts and colors, etc. That's perfect for me. I love Thickers!
I'm also checking out a lot of American Crafts and Making Memories pages. 100 sheets for $25. I think I'm going to ask for the Mystery lot and get some from all companies. That's a pretty awesome deal. I don't know though. We'll see I don't want to spend too much money. I may just stick with the thickers for now.
Tonight my madre and I are meeting at Michael's and I'm going to spend my 50% off coupon. I have a 40% ff coupon too that I may use later.
I'm thinking about putting the Ikea workstation that I want for my scrappin' space on a 0% financed card. Then I can give myself 3 months to pay it off you know.
Just thinking about it. I really need a workspace to do my scrapping. I could just buy a cheaper table there too though. I'll check things out! I do have my heart set on this one table that's awesome but for the price of that I could get a couple of chairs and tables from their other lines; we'll see!
Harper will start daycare on Monday July 13th. Scary. She'll be going to school now; what a big girl! She is two months old as of yesterday. My how she has grown. I have some cute pics that I want to edit with picasa. When I find time I will do that. I also need to upload my layouts that I've worked on. I put out 2 layouts this weekend. That's great for me! I never have time to scrap. I'm exhausted for some reason. I got a nice plan yesterday from my boss. It's a cute little English Ivy in a yellow pot. Yellow is such a beautiful color. I love primary colors.
Oh I love vintage and kitsch too.
Well that's all for now. I need to pump! Geez!

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