Working mother

I'm a working mother. I work at UNT as an Administrative Specialist II for the College of Arts and Sciences. I am currently working on my BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. After I receive my degree I would like to get my post baccalaureate from TWU's school of nursing. I would love to work in the medical field. Medicine, health, anatomy and physiology really interest me, and too bad for my grades or I would have been a doctor, teehee. Life's like that though.

Before my time at UNT, I worked as a recruiter for a family owned business who aids in human resources for large companies like Brinker International and many other restaurant chains. I worked at Self Opportunity for 3 years, and I really enjoyed the challenge that my job provided me. The only reason I moved on was because my husband and I desperately needed more income and insurance.

And before that I worked at my first job for 2 years making smoothies and chillers for Frullati Cafe. I loved working at this place because the owners were like family to me and it was super fun.

Eventually I would love to be a SAHM or own a family business whether it be refinishing furniture and selling the remade pieces, opening up a tavern/pub, or having a scrap and crop shop with my mom!

-Tiny Scrapper

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