Putting up the Xmas tree!!

So this weekend.... was fun!

Friday - My sister Megan stayed the night with G and me. She's young and naive and beginning to make mistake in life that could cost her in the future, so I had a sit down with her to make sure that she uses her head. I never scolded her or anything. I'm supportive of the decisions she makes to an extent. I'm happy as long as she is thinking clearly, using good judgment and being safe overall. Friday night I participate in the online crop experience hosted by Tammy, JoyJoy and Mel with Christmas with the Cricut, and I was just so much fun to try and follow the chat and I'm so happy for all the winners. I was the GRAND prize winner for the night, and I couldn't be happier!!! I won the GYPSY!!! Holy jeebus!!! And it's great. I've played wit it a little so far. Tammy brought it to me since I was cropping in Highland Village this Saturday, and she even stayed to crop for a while. She's like a CRICUT celebrity in my eyes; she's so lovely and down to earth!!!

Saturday - As I mentioned earlier I cropped in HV at the Municipal Complex. I don't know why people in that area don't take advantage of this crop area! It was fabulous! It's free, and well the lighting is great, etc. It's nice and open with a TV and VCR/DVD player. Very cool! We each got our own table too because hardly anyone was there. Out of 40 people on the HV email list.. it was Kristi (the hostess), my mom, my sis, me and Tammy! What fun. I made some cute envelopes for my 12 Days of Xmas project that Gavin and I are doing this year. I used the Designer's Calendar from Cricut, and I loved it. I think I may actually have to buy that one in the future. I even used Storybook and some others as well! Great stuff!

Sunday - Gavin and I took part in our tradition of pulling the Xmas gear down from the attic. He made a lovely breakfast of eggy in a basket for us. We watched Sleeping with the Enemy. Can you believe that I've never seen this movie? Kind of hokey, yes, but I liked it nonetheless. There is just something about the way that early 90s films were made. We spent part of the day at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. Harper picked out her first Xmas ornament. She got the Classic Pooh Bear. It comes with a tag that says Baby's First Christmas. We are going to get Gavin's, Josie's, my ornaments on our next payday. We need to take care of our mortgage, credit cards, and other bills before we think about spending anymore money on ourselves.

Gavin's 26th birthday is this Wednesday Veteran's day, but we don't really get to celebrate much this year. I really wanted to get him 1 of a few things for his birthday. Now I'm going to put these off for Xmas.

He wants a pair of these...

Some of this...

And both of these...

I hope that this year we can pull together enough money just to buy Harper some needs things. She really needs 6-9 month onesies, outfits, pants/jeans, footie pjs, socks, and a little hoodie or sweater with hood. We would like to buy her some other things too to play with but money is kind of low right now, but we will be able to get her what she needs at least! That's what good parents do. Of course Santa will bring something very special for an 8 month old growing girl, and he knows she will love it :D

Tata for now ladies. I will post pictures of my Saturday creations sometime later in the day or this week!!

Merry (EARLY) Christmas!!!

Gabi from Savannah, TX

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