Twisted Tuesday....

Okay, so I forgot to blog yesterday, so here goes...

Friday - Gavin and I were stuck in some major traffic coming home from work Friday evening, so we decided to take the long road. Gavin got lost a time or two, but no thanks to me, haha. I couldn't remember the name of the street he needed to turn onto, so I led him all the way to Pilot Point, haha. Oh well. We both made it home around the same time. Later that evening we took care of Harper as usual. She and I took a nice little bath. Then we watched Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell, and it was pretty funny, though there was some terrible acting at times. Once Harper was down for the night (or at least part of it) Gavin helped me pack up for my slop crop. Then we went to beddy-by and it was a nice peaceful sleep until Harper woke up. Sweet girl.... we need to work on this waking up in the middle of the night for some boobie. You're almost 6 months old, and well it's time for you to sleep ALL through the night (just like the song).

Saturday - I woke up very early to get to my SLOP crop on time to set up. I showered and fed Harper. Then I headed to Wal-Mart to buy some of those plastic shoe boxes. They were $.94, what a steal, so I bought 2. Then I got Scrapbooks Etc, yay, I love that one, and I picked up some labels and chocolate for the crop. I drove by Cheryl Bass's house to pick up my goodies from, and I am so glad that I did. I bought the June Bug 6x6 pad, a 6x6 chipboard album, and some alpha/embellies stickers that match the line. This is what I'm using to make my in-law's New Home album for XMAS, don't tell them I'm making it though. It's a surprise :D I stopped at Taco C for a few breakfast tacos, and I got to the church with 10 minutes to spare. Well.... I was there by myself until about 10:30, so I set up 2 tables by myself. They are quite heavy, so I gave up and waited until someone else got there. A group of gals who decided to attend last minute all arrived about the same time, and I'm sure glad I did. They are from the NTXSCRAPPERS group from Yahoo, and they had just joined the site the other day when I mentioned it to our online group. I'm glad I did because it was just me and the gals until about 2:00 when other people started showing up. I gave away 2 little scrappy door prizes, and all the reese's were gone by the end of the crop. Tammy with Christmas with the Cricut blessed us with her presence and lots of goodie ;D I used the her Gypsey for the first time, and I used some of her punches that she brought. She's too sweet and so sharing, I love it! Jill was there to give me some pointers on how to make a chipboard mini-album after all she is the mini-album queen! She was very helpful, and I feel like that I'm off to a good start. The crop ended beautifully, and we all made it home safely.

Sunday - Gavin and I were too tired to get up and go to church, and I feel guilty that we didn't go. I was really looking forward to it. Instead we drove out to Denton to go to the pumpkin patch with my parents, but my mom realized that she had to put in some hours at work, so we just hung out at Target mostly. We bought Harper her first training sippy cup and some 1st Foods baby food. So far she doesn't like peas at ALL, and she will TOLERATE squash, yuck. Oh well. She's getting too big for her little britches. Harper is such a darling, and I just love her to PIECES! We came home and made a pallet on the floor. I fed Harper until she napped, and then we watched the Proposal. It was a cute flick, not my fave though, and my dad stopped by to visit and love on Harper a little. After that we just kind of winded down to go to bed.

Monday - Yesterday I worked of course. I visited Harper at her school during my lunch (I always do this) I got some work done during the day (Mondays are miserable for me at work) then my sweet hubby took me out to dinner at Mr. Chopsticks. It was delicious. We went home and I fed Harper some more squash. Then she played a little while and we watched Dancing with the stars. Harper fell asleep and we laid her in her crib. Gavin slept on the couch while I rubbed his back, and then we all finally laid in bed for a good night's rest. Harper woke up at midnight pretty upset. So I got her out of her bed and rocked her a little bit till she fell asleep. Then I laid her in her swing to rock her some more, and she didn't wake up until 5:30 this morning to eat again. For some reason I'm exhausted though and I got more sleep than usual. Hm...

Now I'm at work and it's Tuesday. I hope to get some goodies in the mail soon. Cheers, and I have a crop this Friday that I'm wicked excited about. It should be great. I need to get a sanding pad for my minialbum and paint dobbers. Then I will start on the first page of Pam and Jim's album :D Yay.

I decided on some XMAS gifts too, but I can only post a few of my ideas on here.
I'll do that later though because I really need to get to working :D


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