Getting overwhelmed again. Started my movie paper for Dash's class. Signed up for 9 hours next semester; what was I thinking when I signed up for 12 upper level hours while I'm working full time and I'm a parent full time. Crazyiness... I know so I dropped History of Modern Sexualities (sad, I know) I was really looking forward to that class too, but I'll pick it up again at the end of my senior year I suppose.

For the fall I am taking Intro to Sociology (SOCI 1510) during my lunch M, W, and F. I am taking Sociology of Marriage and Family (SOCI 3000) that one is online, and Sociology of Disasters (SOCI 3560) that's my only night class for Fall semester. I was planning on taking A&P I at NCTC over the summer, but I don't know what I was looking at when it said that it was on Tuesday nights... I must have been tired and looking at Spring 2010 or something. Eventually I'll take that class. I can't wait.

So to complete my career and very LONG stint at UNT I need the following courses:
SOCI 1510 - Intro to SOCI
SOCI 4000 - Sociological Theory
SOCI 4870 - Research Methods in SOCI
SOCI 4880 - Quantitative Methods in SOCI
SOCI 3000 - SOCI of Marriage and Family
SOCI 3560 - SOCI of Disaster
(that's as far as my major goes)
HIST 4260 - HIST of Modern Sexualities
PSYC 3640 - PSYC of Marital Adjustment
DFST 3323 - Advanced Marriage and Family Living
RHAB 4800 - Substance Abuse and Sex Addictions
PSYC 4000 - Abuse in Adult Relationships
(for my study of sexualities minor)
(for nursing prerequisites)
BIOL 3500 - Human Development
BIOL 4620 - Medical Terminology
(just because and upper-division)

Yikes I have a lot to take still. Hm.

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