This is where I get scrap happy.

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Call it what you will, but I am LOVING my updated scrap room.  Thing is, my scrapbook room is always a work in progress.  I freely admit that I have more fun organizing and rearranging my creative space than actually playing in it. Silly I know, but I like organizing. I also love scrapbook stuff, so it marries two of my passions.

My scrapbook room is a place where I go to unwind and get crafty. I have nine finished scrapbooks, and I am always working on new layouts.

So this is my scrap space. I have a dresser that houses tools, extra storage, fabric, washi tape, tags and extra adhesive. It also holds my Canon Selphy and Silhouette Cameo as well as a knock off Clip it Up from Hobby Lobby. My Ikea Expedit 4x4 bookshelf keeps cardstock and pattern paper on display with Display Dynamics ; punches, ribbon, stamps, and embellishments organized in locker baskets; scrapbook kits, finished albums, magazines, inspiration books, and other stuff. I keep a number of chick flicks on hand to watch on my new (to me) TV - would you believe I only spent $40 on this flat-panel Westinghouse? A steal, I know! I also keep all my photos organized in Iris Photo Keepers on the three-tiered wired shelf. That is also where I keep my sewing machine and Cuttlebug
This is what you see when you first step into my house.
In my updated room, I have a small sitting area.
I like to organize my Thickers by color. I keep kit leftovers on this 3-tiered plate stand.
A very full Ikea Expedit. The new system is called Kallax. My favorite craft movies, 
and who doesn't love to zone out with some Super Mario Bros. now and again?
A closer peak, the bottom shelf has locker baskets with ribbon, punches, stamps
and embellishments.
Old magazines. I hate that everything is digital now, but I'd hate for them to
go away entirely, so I'll take what I can get and won't throw a fit.
Buttons in a colander, crepe streamers in vintage Pyrex, and 6x6 pads, handmade
cards and other stuff from my travels and experiences to be scrapbooked
are housed in this vintage card organizer.
I finally invested in a tool carousel, and I keep brads in this little vintage Pyrex bowl.
This small drawer holds used Thickers without the packaging, and I keep
scrapbook kits that I've purchased or designed myself in this rubbermaid tote.
To keep clutter at bay, I put large kit leftovers in this yellow basket as well as my
most used and loved tools, scissors, pens, pencils and my handy stapler.
 On either side of the dresser, I have Iris Storage. The right set houses the kids
scrapbook and craft stuff. The one of the left holds Christmas/Holiday and Disney
kits as well as large format pictures and recently finished scrap layouts.
I keep extra tools in the dresser, like paper trimmers, a big bite, and
xyron sticker makers. 
I keep inks, mists, washi tape, tags, twine, and various adhesives in
these blue baskets (4 for $1 @ Dollar Tree).
Here you'll see all the fabric, that I don't know how to sew. Owning a sewing
machine does not mean I know how to use it.
Last but not least, what I am currently working on. Such a sweetie this little guy.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my scrapbook room. Like I said, it is definitely a work in progress. Some of the things I would like to update include the lighting in this space as well as the paint on the walls, ceiling, and trim. I prefer neutrals, and well the whole atmosphere can be rather yellow in this room, making it hard to color match at night when I find the most time for my hobby.

As you can see, I also like to collect colorful vintage here and there (flea markets are my fave), so it is nice to be able to show off those pieces on a blank canvas.  And just if you're curious, there was a lot of art on display in this room. I am IN LOVE with Ping IrvinShe often comes to the Arts and Jazz Festival in Denton, and this is where my husband and I buy her prints. Her original art is AMAZING, beautiful, and it really speaks to me. It is just so unique, and I love her color palettes and beautiful imagery. Each year my husband and I buy a new fine art print from her. 

Have a great night folks, I hope that this little peek into my scrapbook world has inspired you to get to crafting or maybe even organizing! It's so much fun!

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Vanessa said...

I love seeing other peoples scrapbook spaces.I think yours looks great. Isn't the Expedit awesome?? I love mine and it's chock full too. lol

Gabrielle Watson said...

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for visiting, and thank you :) - I do love the expedit. It works so well for my needs. It is pretty full though. I'm thinking about replacing my 3-tiered shelf with a 2x4 unit. It might be better for me :)

Rebecca said...

Your room is gorgeous! Very neat & tidy - not overwhelmingly jammed with schtuff (mine is & it crimps my creativity!)!

I am VERY interested in finding out where your paper holders are from inside of your Expedit? Do you know the brand?

Gabrielle Watson said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you :) I got my paper trays from Paper Wishes. They are called Display Dynamics. They are stackable, light weight, and fit perfectly in the expedition and other systems. I purchased 2 sets of them to fit in my unit. You get 10 trays in a set. Each cubby comfortably holds 5 stacked trays. These are the lipless version. I used to have another set of 5 that had lips but I didn't like the lip. It just wasn't for me. I sold those many moons ago.