{just some updates for ya'll}

It's been a while and a lot of things are going on; here is just a list to keep everyone in the know:

--Gavin and I are talking with a realtor this week about putting our house on the market. We know where we want to move to, and we hope that we can sell the house by the summer time.
--I turned 25 last Tuesday. On Saturday the 12th, I had such a fun time celebrating with my family. There was great dinner, and it was truly a surprise to see almost all of my extended family there. My actual birthday (day) was pretty awful though. I was sick with bronchitis (for a 3rd time this year), and I had 2 exams that week, yuck. It was just a hard week. This weekend was awesome though; my husband threw me the biggest and bestest surprise birthday party and bought me some adorable outfits, so I feel truly blessed, and I officially FEEL a quarter of a century old! Yay!
--A lot is going on with school, which is what is keeping me from my crafting and from my blogging, sadly. I still have several more weeks of school left, and then I am only taking 2 classes over the summer. That will be such a BREAK for me!!! In the Fall I will return to my full time schedule, and in the Spring I'll only take a few classes and graduate!! Then ... well I don't know what I'll be doing, but we'll figure it out.
--I need to file my taxes. I keep putting it off because I need to add up all of our medical expenses from last year and see if they are over 3% of our total combined income for 2010. I have an inkling that it is because both Gavin and I had surgeries in 2010, and well those don't come cheap.
--My coworker has moved on to another position within UNT, so I have taken on some more responsibility at work, but I feel that I am handling things well. Everyone is being so much more productive now, and things are running more efficiently even if there are random quarrels between our SWs.
--And today I meet with the doctor again (3rd time in a week). I am getting results for allergy and thyroid testing. The last appointment I had was with this other NP that I don't normally see. I went in to talk about my allergies and she ended up quizzing me on anxiety and depression. I was really flustered by the whole situation and deeply upset that she would even diagnose me with anxiety, when I don't suffer from it very often at all. Sometimes I get anxiety about tests and sometimes I get anxiety about paying bills, but that is totally NORMAL. I only have sleepless nights once per 3 month period, and well that's just if I drink too much caffeine before going to bed or can't shut my brain off! I just really resent her for giving me anxiety by telling me that I have anxiety, gah! What a waste. Anyway my doctor came into the room, and she palpitated my thyroid and suggested that it was enlarged and noticed a nodule. She thinks that I could have hyperthyroidism which causes my rapid, clicking heart beat/anxiety/sleeplessness/fatigue/weight loss, etc. Anyway... I'm happy to be thin, no complaints here, and I sleep well enough at night, and I am tired during the day because I work full time, go to school full time, take care of my husband and daughter in my free time, and I am a control freak. I know that I have my faults, but I am the main cause of my own anxieties and stress, and it is only temporary really (just until we sell this house and until I'm finished with ALL of my schooling).
--I am just so happy and blessed with my life. I know that my life could've taken a different path, and I am just so thankful everyday that I have a chance to live this life that I've been given, even if there is a day more difficult that another. That is why I don't carry my stresses and my anxieties. I just let them roll off me; I refuse to feel badly because everything is really temporary and this time of adjustment will pass, and one day I may be missing these days when things were a bit chaotic and we made a lot of sacrifices. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is something pretty to share with you folks today; have a happy Monday, and have a wonderful week. I hope it stays gorgeous and warm here in North Texas!

Do You Remember?
All these times they come and go, and alone don't seem so long; over 5 years have gone by. We can't rewind, we're locked in time, but you're still mine.
Patterned Paper, Flowers, Ribbon - American Crafts
Stickers - American Crafts, October Afternoon
Tag & Doily - American Crafts, Elle's Studio, Maya Road


ScrapinFunatic said...

that is too precious, your so talented.


Lisa said...

I am amazed your AREN'T anxious, with all you have to do. I would call you focused, not anxious; you are always able to relax and have a good time on our retreats, and I don't think a truly anxious person could! When I was first married, taking 19 hours in college, and waiting tables 30 hours per week, I started having migraines. The doctor asked me if I was stressed, and I said no, but when I told him about my schedule, he laughed and said, "Trust me. You are stressed." I was happy, just busier than I could easily tolerate. So, keep being happy, cut back where you can, and keep on going. It won't always be this busy! Love ya! Lisa

Gabi said...

Thanks Lisa, it's true. I know that there is stress in my life, no doubt :) I just try to not think about the things that start to stress me out because there are MORE important things in my life, and I am able to divert those energies and worries to scrapbooking, playing with my girl or going on dates with Gavin. I am so blessed and truly happy, that there is little to worry about. All you need is love... I live by that. So when I start to get stressed or worried about something... I just think about all the blessings that I have, that many others don't, and I feel much better.

LG said...

Wow! This is so eye-catching! Great job