Well I just got my results back from my blood work last week.... drum roll please...

I don't have a thyroid problem, but I do have SEVERAL allergies, and on top of that, I am allergic to some stuff that I EAT ALL THE TIME!!! Sad :(

Dust Mites
Kentucky Bluegrass
Johnson Grass
Mountain Cedar
Rough Pigweed
Egg White

Clearly, I have to change my diet substantially. I mean--I eat noodles all the time, macaroni and cheese all the time, sandwiches all the time, biscuits, rolls, grilled cheese, brownies, cake, cookie dough, pizza, fried foods, everything. Practically everything that I eat on a daily basis is slowly killing me... that's great to know, lol. Oh well.

Just thought I would share my results with everyone! If you have any pointers about changing my diet, let me know. Looks like I'll be eating lots of meats, hardly any carbs and lots of salads and fruit :)

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