{still alive}

Haha well you guys... I'm still alive. Just barely making it through this semester with all my marbles intact.

I wanted to just update all my dear friends and followers since nothing much scrappy has been going on lately.

We officially put the house on the market on Friday; we sign papers tomorrow. Then we will see what happens over our 4 month period. Please pray that we find a buyer; we will be so thankful!

I am doing well in my classes thus far. I am currently averaging an A in A&P II, Sociological Theory, and Entrepreneurship. I am making a B in my child development class because I missed 2 discussions, ugh!! I posted them on the wrong day of the week; it was my fault because I misinterpreted an email sent from a student. I thought the teacher sent it. I'm to blame, blegh!! But I still have a midterm on Friday to take, and I will be doing my research paper very soon, plus a discussion tomorrow and a quiz that's due after Spring Break, and she is offering optional extra credit, so I will be doing that!

I'm very sleepy nowadays, just all of my stress from selling the house and school. I'm looking forward to summer because I'll be taking 2 classes during 8 Week, and I will have some time off from schoolwork for a few weeks after Spring and before Fall.

I got some yummy scrappy goodies in the mail, and I am waiting on some more scrappiness, and after I clean house on Saturday morning I am going SCRAPPIN!!!! Yay, I just need this time to just relax my brain. I'm so overworked with school, work and being supermom, that well I need to let go with some beautiful patterned paper, good friends and my trusty Pink ATG. Yay!

You can find these lovelies over at Catch the Moments Kits - there are a ton of cute and VERY inexpensive kits there, and well I own practically one of each, so I know how yummy these all are!

Well that's all for now folks... I was being a little creative today while I had some free time between students at work, so I made this little bit of inspiration for my dream bedroom at our new place (after we sell the house)

Ta ta for now!

With love,
Gabi Watson


Tammy said...

Hang in there! Good luck with the house. Take some time to play with your new goodies! Great new scrappy items. :)

Casey Wright said...

Wow, you are crazy busy! Good to know I'm in good company! Good luck sista!

Catch the Moments Kit said...

We have that black dresser and I LOVE IT! The drawers are lined with pretty yellow and white stripe paper! It is so roomy too!